I debated long and hard with this installment of the Clarisonic diaries. There's been a Clarisonic-buying trend at Sugar headquarters, and we all unanimously agree that it's improving our skin. When we congregate before meetings, we talk about our deep and abiding love for the gadget's pore-shrinking, skin-softening capabilities. I've even named mine Claire for short. Our cultlike devotion to this gadget is a little out of control.

Speaking of "out of control," this is where things get personal. Since Claire is waterproof, you can take her into the shower. It wasn't long before I realized that a little sonic cleansing on the neck and décolletage makes that skin so smooth and soft. This morning, as I was cleansing, I thought, "Ooh, my clavicle skin is as soft as a baby's bottom." Then I thought of Babyassface, and then — I think you know where this is going. If you dare,


I am a little embarrassed to admit this, but yes, dear reader, it's true: I Clarisonic-ed my bum. OK, so really, it's more the back half of my hips than the actual bottom, but I did it just the same. And it made my skin SO soft that now I wish for a larger, body-exfoliating super 'Sonic to more efficiently remove the dead skin from my body. It might be time for an intervention.