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Cold-Weather Beauty Tips | Allure

Cold-Weather Beauty Tips Straight From Pro Snowboarders

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Struggling to look cute in the cold? Allure asked professional snowboarders to share their beauty routines for serious Winter weather.

Sure, Summer has its beauty buzzkills (sunburns, bleached-out highlights, we could go on). But it's Winter that offers up dry, flaky skin, static-y hair, brittle nails, and chapped lips. Two women who combat the elements every day — pro snowboarders Elena Hight and Silje Norendal — let me in on their beauty routines, must-have products, and importance of wearing sunscreen in the Winter.

What's your usual beauty routine like?
Elena Hight: "I try to keep things simple: bronzer, a bit of blush, and waterproof mascara. I love Bobbi Brown and Bare Minerals."
Silje Norendal: "I clean my face every night and morning using cleanser and hot water, then I put on a moisturizer with sunscreen. I put on a bit of foundation under my eyes, a little bronzer, mascara, and liquid eyeliner."

What are your must-have products?
EH: "I'm constantly on the road, so I always have a good lip balm, a natural hand sanitizer, waterproof mascara, and bronzer with me."
SN: "During the Winter, bronzer is my go-to product. It's just to get a little bit of color."

How do you protect your skin from cold, dry air, and wind?
EH: "The harsh cold, wind, and sun definitely affect your skin and hair. I always wear sunscreen — I love the Shiseido one for everyday use. I also protect my hair with coconut oil or Moroccanoil ($15)."
SN: "When I'm on the mountain, I make sure to use a little extra moisturizer. I'm also always equipped with a good lip balm and moisturizer with sunscreen."

Does your skin get irritated?
EH: "No, because I drink plenty of water and use coconut oil. I also love Bobbi Brown's Advanced Moisture Cream ($95) for my face."

Do you have a favorite lip balm?
EH: "I love ChapStick with SPF ($2) in it while I'm snowboarding. I also really like EOS Lip balm ($3) for moisturizing after the hill."
SN: "Nivea Sun Protect SPF 20 ($3) helps keep my lips from getting sunburned or dried out."

Any other cold-weather tricks you can pass along?
EH: "I've found that painting your nails, even with a clear coat [of polish] can help them from breaking in the cold, dry weather."

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Cold-Weather Beauty Tips | Allure
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Cold-Weather Beauty Tips | Allure
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Cold-Weather Beauty Tips | Allure
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Cold-Weather Beauty Tips | Allure
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Cold-Weather Beauty Tips | Allure
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