I love how Chanel always comes out with a little something new between seasons, just in case we forget for a second just how fabulous it is. The luxury brand's latest release will be Soleil Bronze ($60), a limited-edition illuminating bronzing powder that hits stores in July. In this case, there is a cause for celebration: The bronzer pays homage to the renovation of Chanel's flagship store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, which will be completed this Summer.

Naturally, the bronzer echoes the sun-kissed look that pervades Southern California. The compact includes four soft tones to give your skin an essence of a natural tan. The powders can be used individually on your eyes, brows, cheeks, or decolletage, or you can blend them with a stroke of your brush for an all-over shimmery look. Stay tuned for news on three more products from this collection.