Due in stores this fall are two new sebum-controlling skin-care products from Darphin called Purifying Targeted Gel ($50) and Overnight Refining Lotion ($50).

The clear, fast-drying gel can be applied to the affected area as often as necessary. The lotion acts as an astringent to kill bacteria and reduce oil production and shine, especially to your t-zone —all without drying out your face like so many other spot treatments are prone to do.

The products contain essential oils, which are blended together with salicylic acid, lemon, Vitamin C, and isolutrol (a balancing agent) to help purify the skin, control sebum production, stimulate skin renewal, soothe, irritated skin and reduce the look of large pores. The treatments are gentle enough not to irritate the skin, yet are strong enough to fight off persistent pimples. And did I mention how great the smell is?

I've been using this combo for three days and so far I haven't experienced any flaking or unusual dryness — yippee!