This July, Estée Lauder is stepping out of its comfort zone. Instead of launching another one of its traditional, romantic floral scents, the cosmetic giant is releasing a woodsy fragrance called Sensuous ($39.50/ounce).

Karyn Khoury, the perfumer who developed Sensuous, says that it fills a void in the Lauder fragrance lineup. "We wanted to reinvent woods for women," she told WWD. "The concept was to create a scent that evoked a molten river of woods." The fragrance will have top notes of ghost lily accord, magnolia, and jasmine petals; a heart of molten woods and amber; and a drydown of sandalwood, black pepper, juicy mandarin pulp and honey.

I'm definitely intrigued, especially because this blend is a departure from most of the Estée Lauder scents. Something new and risk taking? That's something to look forward to, in my book.