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Coming Soon: M by Mariah Carey Fragrance

This fall, Mariah Carey and Gwen Stefani will be going head-to-head on the charts—the fragrance charts, that is. As we reported last week, Gwen's launching L by Gwen Stefani and now Mariah's preparing to debut M by Mariah Carey. (What's with the one-consonant names, ladies?)

Women's Wear Daily reports that M will be a "floriental":

It has top notes of marshmallow and sea breeze accord, a heart of Living Tahitian Tiare and gardenia and a drydown of sheer amber, patchouli and Moroccan incense.

The eau de parfum will come in three sizes ($38–$58), while a .5 oz parfum bottle ($175) and a body lotion ($28) offer other ways to get Carey-ed away. To get a look at the bottle, just

What do you think of the bottle design? Will you be spritzing Mariah's fragrance or Gwen's (or both)?


chloeainturhoney chloeainturhoney 10 years
although the bottle's cute, but i have a feeling it's gonna be too sweet and heady. i'll go for gwen though! that's just me being biased. :p
lehua4565 lehua4565 10 years
if it smells good I'd probably wear it.
daiane daiane 10 years
well, interesting decision she made. anyway, every celeb has it's own fragrance these days.
mandykw mandykw 10 years
I'm skeptical but I definently want to see what it smells like
bellahoney bellahoney 10 years
the design looks a lot like nina riccis.
jdepp_84 jdepp_84 10 years
Oh no, not another celebrity perfume :/
blackjade78 blackjade78 10 years
I second that, verily. I have yet to smell one I like, either. Although I don't mind SJP's that much, still not on the top of my fragrance list.
verily verily 10 years
I hate celebrity perfumes. I have yet to find one that didn't smell cloyingly sweet or just horrible. Top notes of marshmallow? Can you say Ewww?
krisua krisua 10 years
The bottle looks very Mariah-like...
machula machula 10 years
noooo, another celeb fragrance, i couldn't care less :( as usually they are nothing exciting as is the entire recent fragrance industry. hail to niche and ol'skul frags
poetess poetess 10 years
I wonder the effect this is having on the fragrance industry. I do not know how it works, but aren't there professionals who make cosmetics and perfumes?
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 10 years
I'm not sure if i'd buy it. I'll try it when it comes out. The bottle is okay- it's not my fave, i don't really care for the butterfly top; i know it's her signature.
lovealways lovealways 10 years
I like the bottle, but won't judge the scent until I smell it for myself.
cham08 cham08 10 years
the bottle is so cute. not surprising it has a butterfly cap
bizzybee bizzybee 10 years
Not feeling this product - not that into Mariah and can't say I'm interested in marshmallow and sea breeze.
Lill-McGill Lill-McGill 10 years
Marshmallow and sea breeze? Im unsure if thats good or bad... :?
Mickey-tee Mickey-tee 10 years
shes so annoying
piksie707 piksie707 10 years
ummm...marshmallow and sea breeze? interesting?
rainonme224 rainonme224 10 years
The bottle is so pretty, as long as I like the smell I'll be buying it.
sweetrae80 sweetrae80 10 years
i seriously can't stand her, never have liked her
brokenbracelet brokenbracelet 10 years
I LOVE me some Mariah Carey, and I've been waiting for BellaSugar to post this! I'm so excited about it! The bottle is so pretty, I hope it smells good too.
TammyFir TammyFir 10 years
Love the bottle but I don't really buy fragrence. I have my one favorite (Ultra Violet) and it lasts me years 'cause I so rarely wear any.
Lala77 Lala77 10 years
couldn't care less, hate this women
butterfly7 butterfly7 10 years
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