This month, Marc Jacobs is debuting a new collection called Home. Marc has loves entertaining at home, so in conjunction with his Splash Fragrances, he has a new home fragrance collection.

Home features notes of tropical rain accord, passion flower and beech amber. In typical Jacobsian fashion, the packaging fuses contemporary and classic elements. The bottle, like all of his other Splash scents, is an over-sized glass rectangle.

To read the about each of the products in the Marc Jacobs Home collection,

  • Room Fragrance Mist ($65) can be spritzed in any room for instant refreshment, or it can also be used on linens. It comes with an sleek black fabric atomizer for an elegant touch.
  • Scent Decanter with Sticks ($65) is a reed diffuser. As the wooden sticks absorb the fragrance oil, and the scent diffuses into the air.
  • Moisturizing Hand Wash ($30) is a gentle hand cleanser. I'd want to put this in a guest bathroom (er, if I had one) to spoil visitors with a little bit of luxury.