Due out this July is the first SPF product from Wei East: Golden Root Renewal Cream SPF 15 ($37.50). Golden root is a vibrant red Chinese herb that has been used for ages to prevent visible signs of aging. Small quantities of golden root have been added to this cream to help promote the re-growth of dead skin cells, resulting in a new and smooth surface to your skin. This 'multitasking day cream' claims to firm, hydrate and make your skin look and feel more resilient.

The moisturizer also contains white tea (a strong antioxidant), reishi mushroom (an anti-inflammatory) and Licorice (to revitalize the skin). I've tried it once and am impressed with the way the SPF scent is masked with a cinnamony-herbal essence. Also, it has a thin, spreadable texture that goes on smooth and absorbs quickly.

I was thinking that it was definitely more of a moisturizer, but the impression I get from the packaging is that it's actually more like a sunscreen. Either way, I am really excited about being able to use such a great smelling product this summer that will protect my skin, improve its appearance and above all, it won't clog my pores.