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Comparison Between Make Up For Ever and Revlon Foundation

Product Comparison: Revlon Photo Ready Foundation & Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

Here is an excerpt from OnSugar blog Beauty Bag 411:

For my first product comparison, what better to start with than two of the most talked about items to come out recently: Make Up For Ever's HD Foundation ($40) and Revlon's Photo Ready Foundation ($14)? Granted, MUFE's Foundation has been out longer than Revlon's, but I still thought I would compare them since there is still so much hype about them.

I have MUFE in Dark Sand and the Revlon in Golden Beige. While they are both golden-yellow based, the Revlon seems to match my skin tone a little better because the MUFE is just a little too dark.

Each foundation comes with 30ml of product. Even though it may seem like there is more in the MUFE bottle, it is just because it is taller and skinnier. Both bottles have a pump dispenser which is very handy and sanitary, but Revlon's pump is way better in my opinion. You barely have to push down on the pump and you can get as much or as little as you want; whereas with the MUFE pump, you have to push harder and way too much product comes out, even if you only want a tiny bit.

And here is the Revlon. You can see tiny shimmer particles after blending it in. Some people don't like them, but I actually do. They give my skin kind of a glowy finish.

Here are the two side-by-side. The one on the left is the Revlon.

See how much came out when I pumped the MUFE? As you can see, it is a bit darker than the Revlon.

When I tried to blend them in, the Revlon blended in great, but the MUFE spread all over the place because there was so much product!

Here is the MUFE.

Get the results of her comparison when you read more.

So how do these products compare? Well the Revlon formula is lighter, which means it has less coverage but is still very buildable. The MUFE is heavier with full coverage, but if you layer too much on it would start to cake. The Revlon contains shimmer particles and also SPF 20. The MUFE does not contain either. They both offer great coverage in my opinion, and result in an airbrushed finish. Using a stippling or buffer brush enhances this effect, as well. The Revlon is definitely cheaper, costing around $14, while the MUFE is about three times that amount at $40.00.

The final verdict? Surprisingly, I am actually liking the Revlon one just a little better. The formula is lighter so I don't feel like I have foundation caked on, and also it matches my skin tone exactly. The pump dispenser also won me over. I don't have to keep wasting so much foundation because of the pump. It is also way easier on my wallet. However, when I do want to splurge I will definitely purchase the MUFE. It was a very close tie!

Want to see more? Check out her ideas now, and start following Beauty Bag 411 — or start your own OnSugar blog. We may just feature your post on BellaSugar.

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