The first time I came across Cargo Liquid Powder, the product prompted two questions. One, does this stuff really work? And two, what exacly is the advantage of using liquid powder? In regards to the first question, I'd have to say, it absolutely works. The mattifying lotion goes on like a liquid foundation, but when it touches your skin, it takes on the properties of a powder, giving your face the soft, velvety finish that loose powder would. In regards to the second question, the jury is still out. From my experience, the liquid powder dried out my skin less than traditional powder, so it was great for smoothing out oily skin at the end of the day. The matte finish also lasted a bit longer, perhaps because the stuff is absorbed into the skin rather than just dusted on the surface. Having the powder in liquid form doesn't necessarily make it more convenient, but it's definitely worth giving a it a try. You can buy Liquid Powder in two very versatile shades here.