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How Much Would You Pay For Longer Lashes?

The desire to draw attention to the eyelashes has been going strong since around 4000 BC, when ancient Egyptians used kohl to darken lashes and eye areas. Fast-forward thousands of years later, and the mascara industry brings in over an astonishing one billion dollars a year. That's not even including other eyelash-enhancing products such as extensions, false eyelashes, and now Latisse, an eyelash-growth drug approved by the FDA last December. Take a look at my chart below to compare products available on the market now. How much would you pay for long and full lashes?

Easy to find and come in a wide variety of styles from vibrating, scented, colored, thickening, and lengthening. Cheap — ranging in price from $5 to $10 at the drugstore. Assuming you keep your mascara around three months, it's mere pennies per use. Can run and smudge, doesn't always look natural, and very temporary.

False Eyelashes

Very accessible, easy to apply (see my attempt here), and relatively cheap, ranging in price from inexpensive like E.L.F. False Eyelashes ($1 to $3) to moderate/slightly expensive such as Shu Uemura ($16 for accent lashes to $95 for fantasy lashes). Also, they're just plain fun — bedazzled lashes, anyone? Can fall off easily, don't last very long, can't always be reused, and can look, well, fake!
Eyelash Extensions
Natural looking, long lasting (around two to three months), and doesn't take very long to apply by a spa professional (around 80 minutes or so). Check out my experience with eyelash extensions here. Expensive, averaging around $200 to $600.
Effective, easy to apply — similar to putting on eyeliner, treats hypotrichosis (sparse eyelashes), long-lasting (several weeks to months), and looks very natural because it's your own hair growing out. Available by prescription only, expensive ($120 for 30-day supply), needs to be applied daily, and side effects can include skin darkening, irritation, dryness, and redness of the eyelids.


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