Are women wearing less perfume than they used to? That's the question pondered in an article in today's New York Times. There are nearly twice as many fragrances on the market today than there were six years ago, yet overall sales have dropped by $6 million in the past year alone.
So why are we buying less when we're faced with more options? There are a few reasons:

  • Our relationships have become less intimate because of our busier lifestyles, making it more difficult for people to give a fragrance that fits.
  • Some women cited instances where their mates disliked their fragrance, causing them to forgo wearing perfume altogether.
  • Some public venues, offices, and events have banned perfume outright out of consideration for others.

Since it's Valentines Day, this has me wondering whether your sweetie likes it when you wear perfume. Do you think he would be able to pick one out that you would like?