Even though we all suspected that tanning beds were bad for us, ever since the World Health Organization officially confirmed them to be carcinogenic back in July, we were truly certain of the risks. Recently, the FDA put out a warning against the dangers of tanning-induced ultraviolet exposure in its article, Indoor Tanning: The Risks of Ultraviolet Rays, and this has the Senate talking.

We've seen some states toy around with the idea of banning under-18 tanning before, and now, a potential tanning tax is being talked about by the Senate in relation to recent health bill discussions. The general concept, which is only in the beginning stages of consideration, would require an excise tax on tanning services, like sunlamps and tanning beds available for home purchase, as well as salon walk-ins. What do you think about this possible excise tax?

Source: Flickr User Whatsername?