Mmm — Fall's just begun and I'm mad obsessed with the scents of the season. I've already started burning my spicy-smellin' candles, and my apartment is now a fragrant delight. (At least, it is when the cats haven't done their business. TMI?)

Anyway, to get in the spirit of the changing season, all this week I've been featuring products with Autumn-inspired ingredients that will have you feeling all toasty inside. We've already explored the apple and the pumpkin, so what's left? Cranberry.

Cranberry is not just a side dish your Aunt Mary makes every year for Thanksgiving. Native to North America, this tiny fruit works as a natural anti-bacterial agent. It's also packed with nutrients and antioxidants, making it a wonderful ingredient for staving off the signs of aging. Check out my widget below for some sweet and tart finds: