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Icy-Cold Cooling Sprays: Japan's Latest Beauty Innovation

Japan is the land of advanced personal care, but the latest products for beating the heat look like they might be a little too cool. Apparently, foams and gels that get as cold as 23 degrees when rubbed onto skin have seen a boom in sales, as Japanese consumers try to avoid running air conditioners and fans.

From the video demonstrations of these products, the foam looks like it could be somewhat fun to use, although it's uncertain how comfortable they would be to wear. The spray gel, on the other hand, looks like it may just be downright painful. Maybe under the intensity of Tokyo Summers, though, people are willing to go to extremes to cool off. Check out the demonstration video above and tell us what you think.

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GummiBears GummiBears 6 years
This is not necessarily new. I remember a while back, Victoria Secrets had this foaming cream that claimed to tighten up your boobs. I bought it during their semi-annual sale and tried it. I wound up having some chilly t!ts for a brief moment. Still sitting on my drawer.
skygirl51 skygirl51 6 years
The gel looks like fun and would be great for a hike or outdoor activities - the other seems a little scary and sounds like pop rocks candy!
redhotmama2 redhotmama2 6 years
I was amazed when I saw a video on CNN this morning demonstrating the use of this Japanese product. I have had a problem with a overly hot body my entire adult life. It is accompanied by excess perspiration of head neck body, etc. I am taking a trip to the Far East in January next year and I'm very concerned about the heat and humidity there. I've been looking for instant cold packs to take with me but this spray would be incredible to help keep me cool. How do I purchse this stuff? I'm sure there are many people out there who suffer from the same condition. HELP!! Thanks!
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