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Cupuaçu in Beauty Products

Definition: Cupuaçu

I'm sure you've heard of cocoa butter, but have you ever heard of its relative, cupuaçu butter? Cupuaçu, pronounced "koo-poo-ah-soo," is a rainforest tree commonly found in the Amazon that produces a fruit resembling a large fuzzy potato. On the inside of said fuzzy potato lies a creamy whitish pulp with a taste similar to banana, melon, chocolate, and even bubble gum. Cupuaçu has antioxidant and emollient properties, and due to its ability to soften, hydrate, and improve the elasticity in the skin, you'll often find this ingredient in hair, skin, and makeup products — particularly lipsticks and glosses.

For products containing this fragrant ingredient, which has a fruity-chocolate scent, try: Lush The Big Tease Styling Gel ($16); L'Occitane Cupuaçu After-Sun Balm Lotion; Black and White Cupuaçu Butter Soap ($3.50); Alba Botanica Rainforest Cupuaçu Deep Hydration Shampoo ($10); or simply purchase the cupuaçu butter in bulk ($6-79).

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