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Curly Bella Gives Mixed Chicks a Twirl

Geared toward multicultural women, the Mixed Chicks line was created to fill the void between other products. As the daughter of parents of different ethnicities (both with curls!), I've encountered problems where most products geared toward Black

consumers were too heavy and greasy for my hair, while the others were not strong enough to tame my mane.

Of the four products I tested, my favorite is this Deep Conditioner ($11) — I love the thick, creamy feel, and a tiny bit worked wonders on my hair. I could separate tangles easily, my hair loved the moisturizing safflower oil, and it rinses right out (so no heavy, residue feel).

Get my take on the other standout product from this line when you


A close second is the Leave-in Conditioner ($17). With jojoba and primrose oils, it adds moisture and a very mild scent. It wasn't greasy nor was there any "crunch." While my hair felt soft to touch, I preferred the results when also adding my usual post-shower product because I prefer a bit more hold and shape when wearing my hair wavy.

Did you know these products existed? And have any of my curly pals tested it out, too?

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mie-p mie-p 7 years
i'm mixed (african american and italian) and people always say i should use mixed chicks products but they've never really worked for me. they make my hair too hard and crunchy.
sbtroxel sbtroxel 8 years
Ive tried the set of mixed chicks shampoo, conditioner ,and leave in conditioner. It would make my hair look amazing and sometimes it wouldn't bring out my curls as much as i liked but overall better than any drugstore products. I really want to try the deep conditioner though.
brandi797 brandi797 8 years
Thanks for the info on this line! I've seen it around and was intrigued, but I haven't tried it yet. Can you review the No Frizz line by Living Proof?
Dana18 Dana18 8 years
I have use the leave in conditioner and it really helped detangle my hair and moisturize it. I have tried different conditioners and this one is the best for curly hair.
arrowstraite arrowstraite 8 years
Yeah, we've already had that conversation about how biracial women are neither 'mixed' nor 'chicken-heads'... (the company and I that is) Try Soft Sheen Carson, Roots of Nature Remedies: shea butter/green tea oil moisturizer. It's about $7 at Walgreen's and works perfectly on multi-ethnic hair.
Adiddy85 Adiddy85 8 years
I have used the leave-in conditioner (I have super fine, wavy/curly hair) and I really liked it! I would say that it is probably going to be better for winter as it did leave my hair a little more greasy than it normally would be at the end of the day. But my hair curled really well, it held throughout the day and was super soft!
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