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Curly Hair Advice

What's Your Best Advice For Curly Hair?

Team Bella gets asked about curly hair conundrums all the time — from questions about going natural to queries about blow-drying technique. We love helping readers out, and we also know that lots of you have great advice, too.

And that's why we're sending out the call for your best curly hair advice. Whether you've got a trick for styling, cutting, or care, we'd love to hear what you have to say in the comments. So come on down and share your knowledge now. We're all bound to learn something new and useful.

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amaebi519 amaebi519 7 years
Just wanted to say thanks a billion to all of you! My hair hasn't always been curly, but when parts of it started kinking in my sleep, I decided it was time to deal. My texture is very fine and like narrow sausage curls; super-easy to frizz. Here's the advice I've taken, and have had FANTASTIC hair days with: Every few days I shampoo without sodium lauryl sulfate (author Paula Begoun says laureth is still okay), condition and then rinse out conditioner upside-down while finger-combing. Scrunch in mixture of mousse and serum while wet for hold minus crunch, then use the plopping/plunking technique with an old t-shirt (I watched the videos on the Jessicurl website - very helpful) & leave in while I get dressed and do makeup. Using a diffuser afterwards also worked well. I also use a satin pillowcase and move my hair to the top while I sleep. Thanks again - love the results!
curLRocker curLRocker 7 years
it is not at all smart to use any kinds of gels or mousses on a regular basis because they dry your hair out causing FRIZZ! its better to use creams such as the Kiehl's one i mentioned and even garnier frucitis has a good one that i've used
curLRocker curLRocker 7 years
my regular routine: 1. wash as usual 2. keep conditioner in for an extra few minutes 3. rinse with COLD WATER with head UPSIDE DOWN (this will partially solve the wet=weight problem) 4. DO NOT BRUSH AT ALL after this, not even with fingers 5. scrunch hair gently with an old t-shirt to soak up the water - NEVER, EVER RUB 6. carefully apply KIEHL'S CREME WITH SILK GROOM 7. let air dry / or use diffuser with hair flipped over
marascal marascal 7 years
The best advice for curly/wavy hair is to use a cotton towel - NO terrycloth because it makes your hair frizzy. At one salon they even use paper towels to scrunch out moisture after washing. I bought a cotton towel that is like an old worn T-shirt.
username34 username34 7 years
After years of trial and error here is my list: (I am stopped everyday on the street fir my curls) - no brushing only wide comb when in the shower after conditioner - hair mousse when still damp besstt one Matrix Curl Defining expensive but sooo good - hair conditioner bath bodyworks aromatherapy spearmint -conditioner very small just enough to untangle otherwise u loose volume - blowdry with a very weak hair dryer on low setting old ones are the best
ladytron2000 ladytron2000 7 years
Reading "Curly Girl" by Lorraine Massey changed my life! I've been SLS free for about 4 years now, stopped chemically relaxing (had been doing it at least once a year since I was 16) and stopped blow drying straight as well. A few of my tips (some may have been mentioned): - I have baby fine curly (some spirals and other fat sausage curls), but I have ALOT of hair as well, so I have to look for products that don't contain silicones and/or are lightweight for my hair type. - Look for a hair stylist that has been certified or specially trained to cut curly hair. Both Ouidad and Lorraine Massey (creator of the Deva line) have training courses and stylists will proudly advertise such certification. (They'll know to cut hair DRY.) - Use a special microfiber towel (there's several on the market today and as cheap as $19 if you want something a little nicer than an "old tee") that's made for sucking up the water from curly hair WITHOUT creating frizz. - Experiment with proteins, oils, silicones, humectants, etc. to find out what works best for YOUR hair type. Not all products are created equal and what works best on your friend's hair may not work on yours. - STAY AWAY FROM ALL SLS. Examine your product labels. - I've learnt now to comb (wide tooth ONLY!) my hair in the shower while applying my conditioner. Now that I've read the upside down trick, I'll do that too! I don't comb my hair again post shower because then I add frizz to the top layers. - Wash once a week and only apply shampoo to the roots, let the shampoo run thru the rest of your hair while you rinse. I'll do a "co-wash" (wash with conditioner) once a week if necessary. - Do a heavy duty conditioning mask at least once a week also. Apply only on ends.
ehlegirl ehlegirl 7 years
Ouidad, Ouidad, Ouidad. No other product compares for luxurious curly hair and I've tried them all! Deep, shiny, wavy, curly results and no frizz if used as directed. What a find!
KurleeEdna KurleeEdna 7 years
I agree with Advah's advice. It's best to stay away from sulfate shampoos as these dry out the curls. It's also good to stay away or limit the use of conditioners / shine serums with silicones (like dimethicone or cyclopentasiloxane) because these will build up on your hair eventually dulling it. (Think floor wax.) Then you'd have to take it out with a harsh shampoo.
Louie Louie 7 years
Crap. Weight = wet.
Louie Louie 7 years
#18 - Yeah, while it's still weight. I spray that on first, then put in the mousse and whatever else. It might take a bit of trial and error to get the amount of salt used correct, I usually just chuck it in the bottle without measuring it, anywhere between a teaspoon and a tablespoons' worth. Cheaper than a $20 bottle of product that makes your hair all crunchy!!
mintz mintz 7 years
i have thin, fine, frizzy hair. oh and LOADS of hair to top it off! i actually don't put that much product in my hair and if i do, THE BEST mousse i have ever used and only use is Graham Webb's Brit Style Moussing Wax. It makes my hair shiny, no frizz whatsoever, nice and flowy, doesn't get hard or flaky. i defffff recommend this product for girlies with curly hair!!! sometimes when i shower before bed, i brush my hair with a wide tooth comb and put that product into my hair. i scrunch it until im content with it and sleep on it. my curls are still there in the morning and my hair looks awesome, i don't have to do anything to it and i can just go on and do my makeup and walk out the door. i also don't wash my hair everyday, i let the natural oils stay in my hair for about 2-3 days.
Louie Louie 7 years
I wash mine every second day, there's no way I could leave mine for a week, it would be disgusting. I comb through conditioned with a wide-tooth comb, but maybe I'll try just my fingers. The best tip ever is to use a homemade salt spray. Just normal table salt, a teaspoon or so, in a spray bottle. It really defines the curls and seperates them more. I use mousse as well and sometimes some curl-defining gel, and I scrunch my hair with a towel to get out all extra moisture. I only ever dry my hair with a difuser, otherwise it doesn't curl properly. I use the low heat setting and bend over so I get more volume. I dry it so it's mostly dry, leave it for 15 minutes or so, then dry it some more. So my two biggest tips are sea-salt spray and a hairdryer with a difuser. Seems to work most of the time, but as I'm sure you all know, curly hair will do what it wants anyway!
ccourval ccourval 7 years
Shampoo as you normally would but once you put the conditioner on, and use lots of it, brush your hair (not comb it) to get rid of all tangles and part it like you would wear it. Then rinse the conditioner out keeping the part and towel dry gently. While it's still wet, put in some matte texture cream (I like Garnier Fructis Surf Hair) scrunching from tips to roots. I sometimes finish with my blow dryer on cool and medium.
Advah Advah 7 years
I also agree with TammyO's point - washing with water and conditioner can add a couple of days before requiring shampoo again, and it's way less drying!
ChilePepper ChilePepper 7 years
i have a lot of hair, but it is very fine. i love deva curl products and use a lot of their tips, which you can find on their website. i finger comb my hair in the shower, sometimes comb through deep conditioner, but that's it for combing/brushing. i use conditioner every day, deep conditioner once a week, but only shampoo once or twice a week. dry cuts are great to get a good cut and style. a creme plus a gel seem to be the best product combination for me. no touching when wet - not even by my husband (he's learning). usually air dry, but in winter, the hand-shaped diffuser by devacurl is simply fantastic.
Advah Advah 7 years
I guess products work different on different types of curly hair so it'd be difficult to give advice, but my tips are: -get layers -don't brush when dry -don't wash every day (more or less often depending on how curly/dry your hair is) -scrunch in your product(s), then don't use a towel, use an old teeshirt to dry your hair by squeezing the water out instead of rubbing -emulsify your hair products in between your hands before applying -in the morning I quickly humidify my hair (with wet hands) and scrunch a bit more, and I'm ready to go -if you don't air dry, use a diffuser: twist strands around a finger if you want more defined curls, then place the hairdryer under your hair and the locks in the cup of the diffuser then start the dryer (and stop it before you move to another section of hair). Finish with some cool hair, it really sets the curls -if your hair gets dry, don't bother with fancy masks and use avocado/jojoba oil - you can rinse it with shampoo. If my hair gets crunchy when the products dry, I use either some pure shea butter or a few drops of jojoba oil I rub between my hand and scrunch in. -if you've got long hair, leave it at the top of your head on the pillow during the night so you don't sleep on your curls and flatten them I've gone SLS free for about a year now and my hair's much thicker and healthier (I really like Burt's Bees products) - for anything SLS or no-poo related, I really recommend lurking on the naturallycurly forum. They have amazing advice for any type of hair (some products might work well on some people but not others, you just have to try), products, home made recipes and techniques (scrunching, lifting the roots, etc.) with videos. Youtube also is a very good resource for techniques. Also bear in mind that if you want to get more natural shampoos, all natural brands aren't necessarily good since some can be really drying - again, naturallycurly gives a list of what ingredients you should be looking for. And it's really not as time consuming as it sounds!
TammyO TammyO 7 years
No brushing at all. Only style when wet. Only wash at most once a week and even then sometimes wash with only conditioner. Leave conditioner in. Blot with an old cotton t-shirt not a towel. Gel and finger style. Semi air-dry with a diffuser to avoid that drippy hair feeling, Wait till totally dry and scrunch to avoid that crunchy curl feeling. A really great hair cut also helps!
Jsy-Grl Jsy-Grl 7 years
I have really thick curly hair, similar to Rachel True, and use Get Set Hair Jelly while still damp with some coconut oil. Then I dry in front of a fan. To stretch out my curls, I pull my hair on top of my head into a bun over night. I don't comb or try not to touch my hair until it's time to wash.
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