Building on the success of her cosmetics partnership with Avon, designer Cynthia Rowley is planning to launch a new scent with the brand. Actually, make that two scents, as she's bringing a mother-daughter fragrance duo to the market.

Launching in the US in May, Flower and Petal are coming out just in time for Mother's Day. “The idea was to create two fragrances, one for mother and one for daughter, intended to work together or independently,” Cynthia explains on the fragrance microsite. Flower ($30), the "mother" fragrance, is a floral scent with notes of warm woods and musks. Petal ($15), a lighter and greener version of the scent, adds lily of the valley to lighten things up.

I'm looking forward to having a sniff of these scents, because Cynthia Rowley has a quirky femininity that I often love. Plus, the prices are pretty reasonable — always a plus in my book. Think you'll check these scents out?