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DIS Magazine Launches the W4W Barbershop Poster

The Barbershop Poster Gets a Lesbian Makeover

Via DIS magazine (site has some NSFW content) comes a new take on a barbershop classic. The W4W Buzz Barbershop Poster ($25) features women wearing a variety of short hairstyles, from buzz cuts to fauxhawks to fades. While the poster points out that anyone can wear these styles, it also raises questions about the symbolic power of a haircut.

"More than any other stylistic signifier, hair has become our window into lesbian visibility," writes Katerina Llanes in an accompanying essay. "The shorter the hair, the more visibly identifiable one becomes as a lesbian." (As Llanes acknowledges, many lesbians don't keep their hair short.) In exploring what short hair means for gender roles and queer visibility, this poster is worth a long look.

Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 6 years
I think that the essay adds so much context and commentary to the poster. No, not all women with short hair are lesbians, nor do all lesbians wear their hair short. Obviously. Still, there's something powerful about appropriating a traditionally male space (in this case, the barbershop poster) and challenging traditional ideas of what a woman's hair "should" look like. Beyond that, as the essay mentions, the myth that all lesbians have short hair effectively erases "lipstick" lesbians. So I think together, the poster and essay invite the viewer/reader to explore these issues and challenge the dominant (or even our own) ideas about visual representation of women. I feel like I just wrote a poorly composed Women's Studies 101 paper.
mmmarishka mmmarishka 6 years
Women should be feminine,lesbians should have short hair... I'm sick of stereotypes.
Ladyseven Ladyseven 6 years
I like this, but really only because there aren't nearly enough short style posters in a lot of salons. Other than that... I don't really see why they're all supposed to be "lesbian" hairstyles. I suppose that there is a high rate of short hair amongst lesbians, but I've known lots of straight girls with short hair like these cuts, too. And what about guys? Does that mean that the more products, care and time he spends on it, the "gayer" he is? If so, Jersey Shore makes perfect sense, and I was right.
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