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A DIY Katy Perry Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume Idea: Katy Perry

The costume: Katy Perry
Katy herself loves costumes, so she could hardly object to you dressing up in homage. And with her new album releasing today, what's a better time to dress up as your favorite pop star?

Hair and makeup: Katy's current black hair color is easy to get with either hair dye or an inexpensive wig, and don't forget to try out a playful hairstyle like pigtails, braids, or loose curls. You should complement your bold hairstyle with an equally bright lipstick, sparkly eye shadow, and some major false lashes.

What to wear: Something short, tight, and bright, preferably with sequins and sky-high heels. A sequin dress or a crop top with a mini skirt are both surefire wins.


Take it to the next level: Katy always has the wildest nails out there, so go crazy with the nail art or add some long, colorful press-on nails.

Image Source: WireImage
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