There are just certain things that you shouldn't do, even if you're desperate. One of those is shooting yourself up with cosmetic injectables you ordered online. If you're tempted, please just read this, and I guarantee you won't be anymore.

Now, I know most of you are probably thinking, "I would never be that stupid." But for some women, the temptation is there, and a lot of otherwise intelligent people fall prey to online medspas and pharmacies. Some of the sites make it look easy and, coupled with a bargain price, people might think that they can do their own chemical peels. The people who sell this stuff even make instructional videos, like the infamous one from DIY Botox lady Laurie D'Alleva. (She has recently been charged with selling illegal prescription medications).

So, let's recap: going the DIY route is unlawful, it's foolish, and you just might end up spending thousands of dollars to have your face fixed when you could have spent a few hundred at a doctor's office instead. Not worth it, obviously. Plus, it's your face. If you do decide to explore the world of cosmetic dermatology, that's one place you don't want to go bargain-hunting.


For more on this story, set your TiVo to record 20/20 tonight. The show will feature a investigation of DIY disasters, which I hope dissuades people from taking matters such as Restylane into their own hands.


Source: Flickr User amystrachan