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DIY Spa Treatment: A Danger-Free Deodorant

This fun, easy at-home liquid deodorant recipe is free of aluminum, parabens, and paba. It's a safer alternative to antiperspirants — but remember, it won't keep you dry, it will only help to disinfect and cover the smell of your body's natural perspiration. If you want to concoct your own danger-free deodorant, here's what you'll need:

  • 1 spray bottle
  • 1/4 cup witch hazel extract
  • 1 tsp aloe vera gel
  • 1/2 cup mineral water
  • 1 tspn vegetable glycerin
  • two drops lavender oil
  • three drops tea tree oil
  • For step-by-step directions on how to combine all of the ingredients,


    • Step 1: Begin by pouring the water into the spray bottle and then adding the vegetable glycerin and and aloe vera gel. Shake vigorously until it is all blended together.
    • Step 2: Next, add the witch hazel extract and the essential oils and shake again until the mixture is smooth. The lavender oil helps create a pleasant scent and it is also an antiseptic. The tea tree oil is also an antiseptic, an antibacterial and a fungus and germ fighter.
    • Step 3: Spray one or two times under each arm and wait a few seconds for the mineral water to evaporate a little bit before dressing. Also, feel free to add an additional essential oil for a more potent fragrance.


    Join The Conversation
    Symphonee Symphonee 8 years
    I don't sweatmuch so I'll give it a try.
    michlny michlny 9 years
    Advah Advah 9 years
    Thanks Bella, I'm always looking for a natural deodorant, too! Will def try that one! Guidolina, I've read good reviews about the Lush deodorant, I can't remember the name but it's basically a block of shea butter with essential oil.
    guidolina guidolina 9 years
    Has anyone tried this before? I am interested in a "natural" deo but any that I've bought didn't work for me. Any thoughts?
    norak norak 9 years
    That sounds like it's worth giving a try! Thanks for the idea
    Bettyesque Bettyesque 9 years
    aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
    My mother makes one that involves cornstarch, it's in a powder form not spray.
    AllaWallaBalla AllaWallaBalla 9 years
    I was wondering if there would be a difference between using vegetable glycerin and "regular" glycerin. I'm always down for a diy project even though it remains to be seen whether I'll actually use it or not. Thanks, Bella!
    jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 9 years
    thanks Bella, I have been having a hard time finding a deodorant that I like so I think I am going to give this a try
    audreyxoxo audreyxoxo 9 years
    this is tempting but only people who dont sweat much can use this, otherwise its sweat-circle-central!
    missmarina20 missmarina20 9 years
    Im going to try this, thank you.
    puddlesworth puddlesworth 9 years
    why waste the time and money making that, if you want natural made at home deodorant, use some wet baking soda.
    bengalspice bengalspice 9 years
    I'm willing to try it, though I love my Burt's Bees Herbal Deodorant.
    vasanta vasanta 9 years
    too much trouble.
    emalove emalove 9 years
    I don't see myself ever doing this...I'll just buy one of the natural ones they sell at Whole Foods.
    Nicwolf Nicwolf 9 years
    I love this DIY recipe! I'm always up for trying home made beauty concoctions.
    linday_love linday_love 9 years
    i'm so trying this and thanks for looking out for us!
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