Emmy-winning makeup artist Eve Pearl has created an instructional and informational book and follow-up DVD called Plastic Surgery Without the Surgery: The Miracle of Make-Up Techniques ($30). She believes that many women who consider plastic surgery could benefit from a makeup tutorial instead.

Last night I watched the 70-minute DVD, and I learned quite a bit. The DVD is broken into six chapters (face, eyes, nose, lips, body, and brushes) and it features several "real women" models. By far the most amazing transformative technique I learned was how to take out the bump in your nose by drawing a straight line with dark foundation on either side of it, blending, and then setting everything with powder. Among many (many) other tips and tricks, she also shows you how to cover up dark circles and make your lipstick last longer.

I walked away learning what brushes to use for what makeup product I was using in conjunction with blending everything to a flawless finish. At the end of each segment she breaks down what tools you need, how to create the look she demonstrated, and she offers even more tips to optimize the result. I also think it's cute how the voice-over calls everything "The Pearl Effect." I highly recommend this to anyone who struggles with technique — you don't have to be interested in plastic surgery to benefit from the DVD.