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moralsnethnics moralsnethnics 5 years
The Kardashians have to be the most self centered family on the face of this earth. Why Bruce simply does not walk out, divorce. No wonder the females cannot keep any man in their lives. Must be the great big "L" word no matter how big the booties are on allllllllllllllllllllllllll of them. The rest of the country is obsessed with the issue of obestity, bigness & overweight. Chris Jenner should be ashamed how she treats her husband. It is all over the airways, does she think Bruce would ever lose a divorce case against her in court with what she does to him. She needs to get the hell over her first husband who is GONE and take care of the current fiasco she has created. GO AWAY...
moralsnethnics moralsnethnics 5 years
Already after all that society has given this little girl, she now has the LOHAN attitude. If that is how you feel, go away, put on a g-string and go pole dance. If this is how you feel, you are already a waste of space. What a shame. You have it all. ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE, ATTITUDE. She needs to be yanked . She is no role model for my granddaughters.
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