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Dead Sea Premier Mask Miracle Noir

Product Review: Dead Sea Premier Mask Miracle Noir

Dead Sea Premier is a skincare brand I learned about during my visit to the IMATS. Its products are made from minerals, water, and mud from the Dead Sea that have been extracted and purified to help restore elasticity to the skin. The ingredients are natural and contain Vitamins A and E, antioxidants, SPF 17, and eight components that individually decompose hourly to ensure that every application lasts for eight hours.

The product I tested out (on my arm, since it's not recommended for those with sensitive skin), Mask Miracle Noir ($99.99) is an antiaging, deep cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing face mask recommended for ages 30 and over.

It has a fresh eucalyptus scent and a black color (something you don't see everyday). But what really makes this product unique is the removal process. Inside of the cap is a mud block with magnetic properties. Begin by smoothing the mask over your face and neck and allow it to penetrate for 10 minutes. Then, wrap the mud block in a tissue and streak it along your face in sections. The block attracts to the mask (you may even feel a slight shock) and instantly sweeps all traces of the mask away.

What's left on your face is a shiny and smooth film; these are minerals. Don't rub them off, rather massage them into your skin and leave it on overnight. Dead Sea Premier Mask Miracle Noir is recommended for use once a week. Does this sound interesting enough for you to try?

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Billy-Sampson Billy-Sampson 4 years
Please pass this link on to warn others about these scammers:
Billy-Sampson Billy-Sampson 4 years
You all got scammed - BIG TIME. The "Dead Sea" products are fake and one big giant fraud network by Israeli people. All the products are made in... drum roll... China. Please read more on this link:
kim-123 kim-123 8 years
i use the Dead Sea Premier entire line of products and find them to be FANTASTIC !!! you just have to look around and find the best place to buy them. the product do what they say. it is amazing. i especially like the eye serum , moisture cream and honey mask.
joanne1978 joanne1978 8 years
I was introduced to dead sea skin care by a friend of mine who had a hand lotion from one of those mall carts. I've actually had very good results with it - but it is expensive. The masks like the noir mask above seem to have different effects from person to person. I never purchase from those pushy sales people in the malls but have had great experiences with - they just seem to have a decent variety. I just use hand and body lotions along with salt scrubs and don’t get into the fancy stuff. This is what works for me but everyone is different.
kellen23 kellen23 8 years
I've used dead sea stuff for a few years after a trip to Israel and I really like what it does for my skin. I would NEVER buy anything from those carts though. I like to take my time and having the sales person hovering behind you pushing stuff is too much for me. I buy it online. Have had good success with Dead Sea Market and some other sites like Seaora.
Katii Katii 8 years
Well I kinda been had too by the guy at Coquitlam Centre who was "amazed" by my looks and wanted to take me to Israel and for a coffee and so on and so fort meanwhile he did rub some of the crystals on my hand and washed them off and yes they did feel softer so round one: I buy the crystals about $35.00. Not so bad I think and I'm ready to go but then he notices the slight depigmentation on my face and he zeroes in on it and tells me that he has just the thing I need for it for free for trial and all this while complementing me on everything like there's no tomorrow not a pause to listen to my protest, my head spinning. That's when I should've walked away but being the nice person that I am I felt it would be inpolite to just leave while he's talking plus he was playing big time on my insecurities about my skin saying that for sure this serum can take care of those pesky sunspots and treating me like he never seen such beauty as little old 'moi' gracing the mall. Anywho, long story longer I ended up buying the face cream from which he deducted the hand and body crystals that I just bought and threw in some "free" stuff and now I was out of about $150.00. Not blaming him, I was the fool to pay him eventhough I'm pretty good at not falling for schemes like that. This is where it gets worse: the crystals leave a white film on my skin and dries the heck out of it, the face cream has done nothing that was promised my sunspots are just like they were before not one bit faded. I've been using this product now for about three months (not the crystals,not anymore) in the hopes that maybe longer usage of it will actually do something but my faith in it is fading quicker than my sunspot supposed to fade. Oh yeah, I did try to return it about a week after I bought it but on the receipt I noticed (I should've known) NO REFUND. There was no mention of it though at the point of sale. All and all I learned my lesson once again for about $150.00 so here I am passing it on to you for free.
Kobemax Kobemax 9 years
Do I feel like a dope or what! Today I am accosted in Oakridge Mall here in Vancouver by a guy shilling Dead Sea Premier at one of those mall kiosks. I'm thinking it's some kind of new, exclusive product brought in from Israel by a local distributor (actually that might possibly be correct). Anyhoo...cute Israeli guy asks have I tried this special Dead Sea mineral hand cream. No I have not, and he proceeds to massage some into my hand - and yes indeed it feels nice, but not any more than many other quality hand creams. Tries another tactic, informs me that his eye serum and eye cream will help with "those puffy eyes". Again, applied some of each to me and yes puffiness and lines seem diminished. I am drawn in, ask the price and he says $180 for the two. I recoil in horror! He says, "Ok, for you $160". I still don't bite, so he reverts to the hand cream, and offers it for $24.99. I agree. Then he gets me to try the Dead Sea Salt Scrub, pushing how nice my hands will feel using both it and the cream. I capitulate and buy both, $39.99 for the salt scrub, and later I check the bill more carefully and realize I've been charged $29.99 for the cream, 5 smackers more than quoted. Plus tax of course. All this is accompanied by him patting my arm, flicking my hair, and brushing none existent salt grains off my decollatage. I'm 49, ladies - so clearly he is trying to flatter me into a big purchase. All of this is almost the identical sales pitch some of the other posters describe. So I do some research on this company, to find that they sell in malls all over North America from kiosks and some retails stores. It is sold on eBay, for much less. Also, I realize from one of the other comments I probably could have bargained. I am very educated cosmetic and skin care consumer (big fan of Paula Begoun's cosmetic cop website and boots) and I still fell for the sales pitch. Gotta admire the business side of this though. Clearly their sales staff all over North America are trained in a consistent sales pitch that works. I spent $78.38 on a hand cream and salt scrub for results I can obtain from a $1.29 box of salt and a $5.00 drug store hand cream. I came away feeling relief that I didn't fall for the eye serum & cream, probably getting you to feel relief at "only" getting the less expensive product is also part of the sales pitch. The products are nice, and probably will do what they are supposed to, but they are way over priced. Noticed also that many of their products that contain vitamins and other anti-oxidants are not packaged in air and light proof containers - wasting your money as these ingredients with degrade very quickly upon exposure to light and air - they need to be in an opaque pump bottle.
susan115 susan115 9 years
I love Premier products, the miracle noir mud mask works great. I bought it once in a mall for $120, later I found, the mud mask is only $40 if you buy two. They have much more great stuff, all dead sea products, it is shipped directly from Israel. Susan
tambo tambo 9 years
If you want to give this stuff a go, you can get it on ebay for a fraction of the price!!! I love it, seems crazy and messy but it is the easies mask i have ever used!!!!!!! Its amazing!!! my husband brought it back from israel for me, loving it! anyways... you can also get ahava stuff on ebay aswell...
davisdavis davisdavis 9 years
This sounds pretty gimmicky. Iron filings in the mask? Pulled off by the magnet? Smoke and mirrors, yo. But I do like to use dead sea salts in the bath and dead sea mud masks (usually ahava, it's a pretty solid brand.) But one of my favorite mud masks is Borghese's Fango. It's a classic.
gigill gigill 9 years
It sounds complicated with the stone thinger. I'll stick to my Lush masks - they're lovely and work great!
kerish kerish 9 years
tried this product but went home and tried my seasalt from ALBA same result after not washing my hands for a few hours ...same thing wth ordinary soap too
jill5269 jill5269 9 years
I do have the exfoliating gel, which works great. I paid $50 for it (sucker that I am, I guess). He used it on my hand it took off so much dead skin that I was impressed. I guess that's why I went for the eye serum. I swear his sample is doctored up though because the affect it had on me was astounding (even lasted for a couple of days), but the one I bought does nothing at all.
meumitsuki meumitsuki 9 years
I recommend Ahava products and they are getting easier to find now.
kweam kweam 9 years
Well, I've been using their puridying face mask for a while, and I love it. I have combination skin and it's extremely sensitive, and whenever I use this mask and wash it off, it calms any irritations I have and leaves skin smooth and clear. It's not a miracle worker, but I like it a lot more than any other masks I've tried.
Jude-C Jude-C 9 years
As someone who knows how these companies run, I would also advise anyone who does want to try Dead Sea products (specifically the ones sold at mall kiosks) that that ridiculous first price they give you--like jill5629's $99 for the eye serum--is not the best price they can give you. You have to bargain with them. There is a minimum price the salespeople are allowed to go down to, in some cases half or less of the first price they tell you. This is also why, if you agree to buy one thing, they can start piling "free" and "half-price" add-ons onto your purchase with impunity. So if you want to buy their stuff, either bargain until you get a much-reduced price, or convince them to throw in some extra products for free.
jill5269 jill5269 9 years
My experience with the Dead Sea was last spring during tax season. My eyes were so tired with bags underneath. One of those aggressive guys got me and used this eye serum on me. He put it on under my eyes and miracously the bags were all gone. I didn't buy it because it was $99.00, but I kept thinking of how well it worked. I later went back and got it because I made extra OT during tax season and I even convinced my friend to buy it. It didn't do a thing. I think they put something in it (maybe witch hazel) to temporarily get rid of the bags and the stuff they sell is like baby oil. They tried to get me again recently, but I told them they were rip offs (quite loudly) and they left me alone. In my local mall there are five kiosks.
calliope calliope 9 years
This sounds interesting, but I have very sensitive skin and I wouldn't want to chance it on something so expensive.
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