This traditional Tahitian coconut oil is the signature ingredient in several products, and its divine scent alone merits it a definition. Monoi gets its gorgeous fragrance from Tahitian gardenias, which are submerged in the pure oil and left to soak. It's also known for its skin-friendliness, because it doesn't contain any emulsifiers. This means that it gets a big "green" thumbs up, and also that it solidifies at temperatures under about 70 degrees Farenheit, which means no worrying about it spilling in your bag on an airplane. NARS makes a luxurious Monoi Oil Body Glow II ($59) that still has the gardenia in the bottle, and C. Booth also makes a Monoi Dry Oil Spray ($7) in a convenient spritzer that's a bit more easy on the wallet. If body oils aren't your style, I'm a devoted fan of Korres Monoi Oil Bronzing Powder ($28), which hydrates a little and gives great coverage (try using it as a blush).