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Definition of Noncomedogenic

Definition: Noncomedogenic

Noncomedogenic refers to products or ingredients that don't clog pores, so this term can also be lumped in with nonacnegenic. While there are no specific FDA regulations for the term, there are a few things to keep in mind when making a purchase of a product with noncomedogenic claims:

  • If a heavy-sounding oil or wax is included in a formulation, that does not make the product noncomedogenic. Olive oil, for instance, is considered to be noncomedogenic, but coconut oil is not. In turn, a product labeled oil-free or wax-free might sound great, but the rest of the formulation could still contain pore-clogging ingredients.
  • A noncomedogenic claim does not necessarily mean you will be free of rashes or irritation.
  • A noncomedogenic product won't necessarily stop acne, which can be caused by more than just clogged pores.
  • On the flip side, just because it's comedogenic doesn't mean your pores will automatically clog. Many people, albeit few with oily- or acne-prone skin, are able to use comedogenic products with little problems.
  • When in doubt, check the comedogenicity scale of the ingredient to be sure.
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