As you may know, I'm constantly doing research to bring you the latest beauty, hair, and makeup news. I type in "hair" on Google, and what do I get? Posh's new hair, hair-loss treatments, and Hair (the movie). You get the point. I type in "lipstick" and I get the fairly standard Lipstick Jungle, Clinique makeup, and the delightfully odd phrase: lipstick on a pig!?

That particular phrase has popped up practically every time I've done a "lipstick" search, long before the latest political debacle surfaced. Just what does this bizarre statement mean? When it comes to politics, I'll save those details for CitizenSugar, but for the sake of those that want to know — "lipstick on a pig" has nothing to do with cosmetics or stout-nosed, squiggly-tailed animals, for that matter. The phrase describes trying to superficially dress up an unattractive situation — so if you put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig. I tend to think piggies are cute, but now you know. Now back to all things beauty.