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Definition of Sampaguita

Definition: Sampaguita

Sampaguita, or Arabian jasmine, is known for its flowers' heavy, heady scent, even more so than its cousin jasminum grandflores, or traditional jasmine. Originally from India, this variety was imported to the Pacific islands and Phillipines, where it began growing wild and became associated with island culture despite its status as an invasive species. Sampaguita is often used in high-end fragrances because of its gorgeous, powerful aroma and long-lasting oil, although recently several midrange scents using it have appeared on the market. If you love jasmine, but you hate watery florals, a sampaguita note might be something to try. On the pricier side for rich floral fanatics, Saffron James Nani ($110) is a dizzying island jasmine along with mimosa, plumeria, and ylang ylang. If you don't want to invest a ton but still want a deep jasmine scent, there's Victoria's Secret Cashmere Vanilla Jasmine ($45), which has Arabian jasmine absolute and vanilla bean orchid.

Source: Flickr User Jun's World

hyzenthlay20 hyzenthlay20 7 years
I have loved a Root scent called "Sampaquita" for a decade or so now. I've never been able to describe the scent, but as soon as I read this, it MUST be based on the scent of the flowers. It's jasmine-like and so beautiful :) Now I'm on a mission to try and grow some of these!
KadBunny KadBunny 7 years
Lovee. :) We had these growing in our backyard. I used to make necklaces out of em to hang on our little statue of Mary.
pia pia 7 years
LOVE the scent of sampaguita!
estrela estrela 7 years
Mally Roncal just launched her new fragrance yesterday and it is also based on the sampugita flower.
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