You hear about pH balance all the time, but what the heck does it mean anyway? Without getting too technical on you, pH, which stands for potential of hydrogen, measures the acid or alkaline levels of a solution.

The pH scale ranges from 0-14:

  • Acid 0-6.9 (coffee, lemon juice)
  • Neutral 7 (pure water)
  • Alkaline 7.1-14 (toothpaste, baking soda)

Skin has a pH of about 5.5, which is mildly acidic. Harsh chemicals (whether acid or alkaline) can strip away the skin's protective layer, or acid mantle. So stick to a gentle soap to keep your skin soft and supple, and avoid over washing in general. It can cause dry, lackluster skin.

Healthy, normal hair ranges from 4.5 to 5.5. When hair becomes too alkaline, it can look damaged and dull. Some things that can cause this are thermal styling, coloring, perming, and bleaching. The solution? Find a low pH product (around 3.0-3.5) to put your tresses back in balance. Your shiny, smooth hair will thank you.