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Detox Review

The Detox, Day 3: Jury Duty Calls

While eating the same thing each day on my five-day detox has proven to be rather blasé, I have found ways to add excitement to my entrées, which mainly consist of the same old protein shakes and salads. However, a simple switch in lettuce variety, along with the mind-blowing addition of ice to my morning chocolate shakes, have proved to be all I need to turn my monotonous caloric intake around. It truly is the little things that count, agreed? To find out more about the third day of my experiment, just keep reading.

I didn't mention before for fear of being held in contempt of court, but coincidentally, I started this five-day detox on the same exact day I was called for my first jury duty summons ever. It might seem like a bad idea to pair the unknown with the unknown, but wouldn't you know, I'm three days in on both, and feeling better than ever, despite some gassy discomfort. I object!

While my forehead acne appears to have set up a permanent residence on my noggin, my chin acne has faded, and my skin's got more of a glow. Unlike day two, when I would have torn through a supersized value meal with brute force, my normally-ferocious appetite has subsided, and thoughts of junk food are (practically) no longer dancing in my head. All in all, my energy levels are up, and my body seems to be adjusting to eating lower volumes quite nicely. While I'm proud to serve my civic duty, I only wish jury selection was as uplifting.

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anitap anitap 7 years
Thanks for the tips Bella! I'll be reading to see how it's going for you :) BTW I think your skin looks great and glowing!
Beauty Beauty 7 years
Hi anitap! I am sure you can exercise while you are on the program, unless you are feeling too weak or lightheaded. I didn't feel jittery after taking the grape shot, but for some reason, I felt a little jumpy after the Thermo Bubbles. I am feeling really great, though!! Thanks for the compliment KadBunny ;-)
anitap anitap 7 years
Hi Bella, I started this same cleanse today! I have to admit, I'm a little nervous about my appetite getting in the way. Did you feel a little jittery after taking the morning grape-concoction shot? Also do you know if we can exercise while on it?
KadBunny KadBunny 7 years
I just wanted to say that look she's got going is absolutely adorable. :D
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