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Dia de los Muertos Makeup Tutorial

See a Colorful Take on Dia de los Muertos Makeup

Dia de los Muertos (in English, Day of the Dead) is a national celebration in Mexico where the living honor loved ones who have passed. The holiday, which takes place directly after Halloween, provides a way to remember those no longer with us, and has been symbolized throughout history with elegantly painted skulls. MAC Senior Artist Neil Young works his makeup artistry magic to transform our model with this vivid Dia de los Muertos-inspired palette in today's Beauty Book.

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Elsa3366362 Elsa3366362 4 years
@DyaniRae  @Annie Tomlin  If you were sorry the video would be taken down and an official apology made. I've seen so many makeup artist appropriate things from Communities of Color without apologizing.
Elsa3366362 Elsa3366362 4 years
@DyaniRae  @Jaime Richards  I agree with you!!! Yes, it was offensive, therefore we were offended. This isn't a matter of taste. And damn I hadn't even seen that other post...strike two.
DyaniRae DyaniRae 4 years
@Annie Tomlin  @Elsa3366362 This isn't respectful, though. Maybe it was fine in that neighborhood, but it is not okay for people to just yank the "fun" bits out and turn them into a halloween costume. Why is this video still here?
DyaniRae DyaniRae 4 years
@Jaime Richards  @Elsa3366362 "If"? You have. You were just told it's offensive. It's hard to take the apology seriously when your tutorial is still up.It's the "no prep halloween costume ideas" post, Elsa.
Annie-Tomlin Annie-Tomlin 4 years
@DyaniRae  @Elsa3366362 Thank you both for the feedback. Definitely wasn't our intention to offend, but I apologize for offending you. To be honest, I feel like a heel because I *hate* Pocahontas costumes, geisha costumes, etc and truly would not want to hurt people. Until a few months ago, I lived in a Mexican and Mexican-American neighborhood where the procession of Dia de los Muertos brought out a diverse group of people — Latin, white, back, Asian, and more. That's what informed my experience, since I've always seen multicultural and respectful DOTD events... but I hear what you're saying loud and clear. Thank you for your feedback.
Elsa3366362 Elsa3366362 4 years
@Amy3145567 It was just a reminder, thanks for apologizing. Not everyone apologizing, I appreciate you doing so! : )  Have a spooooky Halloween!
Amy3145567 Amy3145567 4 years
@Elsa3366362 I understand - I did not mean to offend anyone by my comments! I simply meant that the bright colors used and the style of the video was fun. My apologies to anyone offended.
Amy3145567 Amy3145567 4 years
@Elsa3366362 I understand - I did not mean to offend anyone by my comments! I simply meant that the bright colors used were very nice to look at. My apologies to anyone offended.
Elsa3366362 Elsa3366362 4 years
@Jaime Richards  @DyaniRae  It did, and I accept your apology, but please keep in mind that sometimes good intentions can still be ignorant. I hope that in Halloweens to come sugar skull makeup (or Native American costumes, Geisha makeup, etc) will not be used. Cultural appropriation is a big problem, yet goes unnoticed. And when it is called out, it is ignored by whoever is accused.  -Dyani Rae which post?
Elsa3366362 Elsa3366362 4 years
@Amy3145567 Its not suppose to be fun. Keep that in mind.
Jaime-Richards Jaime-Richards 4 years
@DyaniRae  @Elsa3366362 Many apologies if this video has offended anyone; that was not our intention. I greatly admire the tradition and the artistry that goes into honoring loved ones who have passed.
DyaniRae DyaniRae 4 years
@Elsa3366362 Yeah, I've already tried this on one of their halloween costume posts. I guess Bellasugar is not the least bit interested in being respectful - it's far more important to make more posts, no matter how offensive!
Amy3145567 Amy3145567 4 years
This is so fun and bright! Love it <3
Elsa3366362 Elsa3366362 4 years
Please don't do this. We do this to honor our dead. Don't use sugar skulls to look scary or have fun. Its Cultural appropriation.
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