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Diane Kruger Interview: The Actress on Calvin Klein Beauty Fragrance 2010-10-22 07:00:28

Diane Kruger Reveals Her Stories of Beauty

Earlier this week, Diane Kruger was honored at Elle's Women in Hollywood tribute. The next day, the actress — who had recently flown to Los Angeles from filming in Tajikistan — was feted at a lunch for Calvin Klein Beauty. As the face of the fragrance (see here), she opened up about her philosophy on beauty, fragrance, and her "boxes and boxes" of makeup. For the Q and A, keep reading.

Who is your personal beauty icon?
I wouldn’t say it's a person, but I get inspired from movie designers and costume designers. For example, I got my ear pierced because I played a character that was punk. So I wore Doc Martens for about six months after that. Or like in Inglourious Basterds, I definitely overdid the lipstick for way too long. And I have a 16-year-old goddaughter. She’s French, and she’s Parisian on top of that. She’s very chic. She had the blue eyeliner that I wore [at the Women in Hollywood tribute], and I was looking at her Facebook page and she wore that, and I thought that was very cool.

In general, what role has fragrance played in your life? When you were younger did you wear it, or was it something you discovered as an adult?
Well, I think it's something handed down. From my grandmother for my 16th birthday, I got Chanel N°5 from my grandmother. That was a big deal. It was maybe too heavy for me, but I cherished it forever. And then there is sort of the standard fragrances — Vera Wang, Lou Lou by Cacharel, which was what everybody wore when you were 18. It took a long time before I found something that I felt, like, smelled like me. For many years I used White Musk by The Body Shop. It was so cheap; you could afford it. Then over the years, I really stuck to one perfume, so for me, personally, it was a very difficult decision to be the face of a perfume. It’s different to put your name to it. As a model I did many perfume ads, but this is different. I thought, "I can't do this and not wear it, or pretend like I like it but I really don’t." And people know that I’m not like that. It took many months before this actually happened. You know, smelling the sample, living with it for a while.

Was there a moment when you decided, "Yes, I want to be the face of this, I love the scent"?
I love Calvin Klein, the advertising. So I knew it was going to be beautiful, but it was a process of having the sample and living with that for a while and seeing if that would correspond to me. Also, for them to know that I actually like what they were trying to do . . . They need [the photo] to be an emotion and something that really embodied the essence of the specific perfume. I personally really like the picture, especially the portrait. I recognize myself. But also, something that I like in fashion; I think there is a certain classiness to it.

What is your beauty routine in the morning?
I use Cetaphil, which I love. There is a cream by L’Oreal I really love called Triple Active Day, which is really light. I love to use Kiehl's. And cover-up! I have undereye bags. They aren't puffy, but my skin is so light that you can see the veins.

What kind of concealer are you wearing?
You're going to laugh, but it's Cover Girl. It's really good, honestly! A lot of makeup artists use it because the consistency. I like it because it's not too dry. It’s a stick.

Where did you learn most of your makeup skills?
From being a model. Even now, every time you do a photo shoot you pick up something new. You know, a new color or something new you want to try. I think it's fun. I get really bored doing the same look.

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Diane Kruger Interview: The Actress on Calvin Klein Beauty Fragrance 2010-10-22 07:00:28
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