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Diane von Furstenberg on Her New Fragrance

60 Seconds With Diane von Furstenberg


We're happy to present this article from one of our favorite sites, Real Beauty.

When we sat down to interview Diane von Furstenberg about her new fragrance, Diane ($85), we were delighted that she's just as glamorous as we hoped, decked out in a pebble-pattern frock that actually mirrors the perfume bottle's design, chunky gold jewelry, nude fishnet tights and leopard platform sandals. She opened up about her inspiration behind the scent, how to be sexy and the best piece of advice she can offer. To see the interview, just keep reading.

Real Beauty: Why did you decide to create a fragrance?

Diane von Furstenberg: I felt like young girls today have never been told about the power of a fragrance. For centuries, it has been a weapon of seduction for women. I wanted to create a classic perfume that had that power.

RB: How would you describe the scent?

DVF: There are two main [opposing] flowers, that are like yin and yang. One is the frangipani, a five-petal flower that grows in very warm countries. It smells wonderful and clean, and [conjures feelings of] light, happiness, and optimism. The second is the violet, which grows in the shade and woods. It's strong, mysterious, mischievous, and naughty.


RB: How did you decide on the shape on the bottle?

DVF: It's neither round, nor oval. I wanted the shape to be organic, but strong. And it's inspired by the pebble dress, which is now available for retail at DVF stores.

RB: Where do you like to spritz perfume?

DVF: I like to do it in my [leg and elbow] arches. Once you wear it, you won't smell it anymore. But other people smell it and recognize it. Fragrance is all about addiction and memory. But if you don't wear any [scent] and you finish getting ready, you'll feel like something is missing. It's the punctuation [to an outfit].

RB: What makes you feel beautiful?

DVF: [Laughs] I don't feel beautiful at all. The most important thing is to accept who you are and just make the best of it. Confidence is the secret to beauty.

RB: Tell us the three beauty goodies you can't live without.

DVF: I get facials at Tracie Martyn, and she has a serum that I love. I now wear the Diane body lotion, but before that I used one from Tracie Martyn. And [I use] YSL Touche Eclat concealer.

RB: What is your best piece of advice for women?

DVF: I am now at an age where I feel old enough to give advice. I tell people, the most important relationship you have is the one with yourself. Also, be the woman you want to be.

RB: Where do you draw your confidence from?

DVF: I trust myself. I know that I can pay my own bills, I have children (and grandchildren!) and a successful business. This is a lot to do in a lifetime.

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