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Cheese! It's picture day at Sugar HQ, and everyone is coming by my desk to see if I have any extra gloss. This got me thinking back to the 13 years of consecutive picture-taking experiences from kindergarten to senior year — from initials embroidered into my peter pan collar (classy!) to my mouth full of metal.

Awkwardness aside, each year I took extra special care in hopes of achieving hair and makeup perfection. What was picture day like for you?


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Allytta Allytta 8 years
sometimes as i got older. but i wish i put more effort into it when i was a kid. come on, a navy blue turtle neck for picture day? not nice...
kathleenjoy kathleenjoy 8 years
do we get to see the pictures that are taken of you all? :-)
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i did sometimes since i knew that those pictures were going to be the one that everyone saw for years to come - so i can certainly say that i tried to make myself look nicer than usual. the worst is when you're stuck in line waiting for your turn for EVER and your look goes a little flat.
spicyaroma spicyaroma 8 years
I try to! But it never looked that great! I have my last chance in March, because it's my final year in high school!
BellaEdward4ever BellaEdward4ever 8 years
I usually wear my hair in a ponytail, but I try to tame it (it's super wavy and long) and let it down for picture days. I don't really wear makeup to school, so that's not a problem. However, no matter how hard I try, for the past 2 years I've looked half asleep in my pictures!
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 8 years
I always did my hair and wore a cute, trendy outfit even though the actual pic never came out so great
Nyrina-Windu Nyrina-Windu 8 years
I never liked my photo but I NEVER stressed about it. I mean it's only a high school photo. I was more concerned about my college ID photo. That picture was on a card that I had to flash all over the University just to get by certain check points, library, bookstore, the lab, and other places on campus. So again, the college photo was more of a concern. Why cares about High School.
juliarose23 juliarose23 8 years
I always did, but it never turned out well...
lexichloe lexichloe 8 years
Nope. I was never into hair and makeup, so I was myself in most of my pictures.
hyzenthlay20 hyzenthlay20 8 years
Three years ago I started taking school pictures again . . . I care more about them now than I did then . . . Now I try to remember to dress more professionally so that it's apparent that I am a teacher and not a student when the pictures come out. And my friends think it's hilarious that I still get school pictures and they want them each year! It's for the novelty of it, but I still like it :)
foxfairy foxfairy 8 years
I always made sure that I looked neat, but I didn't do much more than that.
robinlh912 robinlh912 8 years
I put so much lip gloss on in 6th grade one kid said that my lips looked like glazed donuts!
emalove emalove 8 years
My mom went all out when I was little, always dressing me up and curling my hair...I cared to an extent in high school, but it was never a huge deal. I always tried to look cute for school, so it wasn't anything out of the ordinary.
austerity austerity 8 years
No, I hated it! Because of my height, I was always pushed to stand in the back row next to the guys (the only girl put back there), while my girl friends made a cute bunch sitting together at the front. Not to mention I had thick glasses, braces, etc.
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 8 years
I would touch up my makeup just before going to get my picture shot when I was in highschool. None of them are that bad but they could have been better.
sfprgirl sfprgirl 8 years
I was so particular about every picture day shot, right up until my senior year of high school. That year I was doing the requisite professional pictures and didn't care about the normal school-sponsored shot. I didn't really put any extra effort and it became my best school photo ever! I took that as a lesson for the future.
Anniina Anniina 8 years
Everyone in my school did :D Hair, makeup and clothes were always trendy that day :D Girls sprayed their hair while in the line waiting :D so did I!
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
I always did, and it just never worked out. I was such an awkward child and adolescent.
CYL CYL 8 years
I tired...and just never looked good..too awkard..didn't know how to do my hair or makeup..I think I liked one picture out of my entire highschool pics
elle619 elle619 8 years
Ditto what sundaygreen said :)
Dana18 Dana18 8 years
Oh Bella, I had the peter pan collar too. I have pictures with pig tales and and of course the princess Leia Burns. Junior High I had feathered brands. I loved to dress up for that day.
sundaygreen sundaygreen 8 years
We had uniforms and weren't allowed to wear makeup to school. So besides making sure my hair was neat and there was nothing in my teeth, no.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 8 years
It always was a big deal! My mom would wake us up early and do our hair and have a nice outfit picked out haha!
ohkate ohkate 8 years
I did just about the exact opposite but not on purpose... just because... that's how my mom dressed me at the time ): for anyone curious about what I mean... this was my 5th grade photo
brittanyk brittanyk 8 years
For my first 5 or so picture days, it was a ritual to go and get a perm a couple of days before the "big event". Then I would be put into fancy dresses and such. I stopped dressing up and stuff around 9th grade probably and I just wore normal clothes. I think I have 4 school pictures in a row with me in a black shirt, just a different style each year, haha.
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