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The Difference Between Sea Salts and Epsom Salts 2011-06-24 13:55:43

5 Reasons You'll Love Sea Salts More Than Epsom Salts

Too much salt in the diet might be a bad thing, but when it comes to using the substance on the body, it's actually quite the opposite. "I recommend sea salt because it's mineral rich," says Catina Stavroulakis, the founder of The Salt Project, a California-based company that manufactures beauty products using the healing powers of sea salts. She further explains, "Sea salt is a far greater soaking medium than Epsom salt because it speaks to the muscles and to the skin." Want to learn more? For a few reasons you might love sea salts more than Epsom salts, just keep reading.

  1. Sea salts are mineral rich: While Epsom salts help to reduce swelling and ease muscle tension just like sea salts do, the main difference is that Epsom salts are just magnesium. "Conversely, sea salt contains a whole family of minerals from the ocean," Stavroulakis explains. "The amniotic fluid that we were born in is the same mineral composition as the ocean, so when you impart those minerals onto the surface of the skin, there is a very synergistic exchange that promotes healing and conditioning of the skin," she adds.
  2. They provide relief for a variety of ailments: Sea salt helps speed up the healing of nicks, cuts, and wounds. It also helps to reduce inflammation and some of the itchiness from psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema, among other conditions.
  3. They're an overall skin conditioner: Because sea salts soften the water, they therefore help to soften the skin.
  4. They feel better in water: Stavroulakis admits, "Epsom salt seems to be a little slimier to me."
  5. They charge up the body — literally: When salt is heated in water, negative ions are created. And since the body just happens to be positively charged, when these negative ions connect to the body, it helps reduce stress and promote healing. "With two pounds of salt and a 20-minute soak [in the tub], the body feels noticeably different. You definitely emerge renewed. The body kind of hums a little bit," she says.
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