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Different Ways to Apply Foundation

5 Different Techniques For Applying Foundation

How do you apply foundation? OnSugar blogger roseannebeauty shares five great ways to get a perfect foundation, every time:

I have to say that I'm a foundation buff and just as there are so many varieties of foundation, there are just as many varieties of methods to apply them. Today in this post, I thought it would be handy to point out the five main methods of applying your foundation, the tools involved, what kind of foundations work best with what and the finishes that you'll eventually receive. In no time, you'll be able to figure out how to get the most flawless face out of the foundation that you've recently purchased at the store. To see her awesome tips, just keep reading.

1. Use a Foundation Paddle Brush

Probably the most basic brush that comes to mind is the foundation paddle brush. This brush is characterized by its synthetic fibers and paddle shape with a relatively long handle. The best kind of foundation for the paddle brush is a liquid foundation because the paddle brush is able to smooth and blend over a wide surface area without the need for applying pressure. That's the key thought here: a paddle brush cannot apply much pressure and thus an easily manipulated texture is the only thing that would be most suitable for the paddle brush. Pressing down hard can clump your bristles.


The key to finding a good paddle brush is one that keeps its shape and isn't too fluffy. Synthetic paddle brushes should be evenly shaped, meaning that they shouldn't be spiky, and its bristles shouldn't disperse extensively when pressure is applied or when you press down on the brush. That way, you'll find that the liquid foundation won't cause the bristles of the brush to clump together making it unusable to spread your liquid foundation flawlessly and evenly.

To apply your foundation with a paddle brush, simply pour your liquid foundation onto the back of your hand. Use the brush and dab a little bit onto the foundation as if you're using a painter's palette and then apply in short strokes onto the face. Once the area is covered, proceed to longer strokes and then finish with a smooth over with your hands. My favorite foundation paddle brush is the Smashbox Foundation Brush in #13.

Want to see more? Be sure to check out her other four foundation application tips now. And when you're though, why not start an OnSugar blog of your own? We'd love to feature you right here on Bella.

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GummiBears GummiBears 6 years
I like using my e.l.f. powder brush when applying my liquid foundation.
roseannetangrs roseannetangrs 6 years
@theplasticdiaries: thanks dear! haha it can be tricky to a lot of ppl! :) @oliviachan: cool!
oliviachann oliviachann 6 years
Omg ! Thank you so so much ! I love using my fingers, stippling brushes, and regular foundation brushes! ^ be sure to follow ! there will be a giveaway @ 100 followers <3
ThePlasticDiaries ThePlasticDiaries 6 years
Awesome post lovely! I am shocked that i was actually using the stippling brush correctly haha
roseannetangrs roseannetangrs 6 years
@eliza: glad you like it! @littlegirlinbigbeijing: cool! :) i agree it is great!
littlegirlinbigbeijing littlegirlinbigbeijing 6 years
i use a flat top kabuki for my liquid foundation. works like a dream!
elizaheartsmakeup elizaheartsmakeup 6 years
It is amazing! I loveee it! Thank you hun! :)
roseannetangrs roseannetangrs 6 years
@igotnocookieforu: that is so sweet! thank you for checking back so frequently, I'll try to keep it up for you! heard that combination to apply your foundation is a dream! @TammyGirl: cool! let me know what it is!
Her-Theory Her-Theory 6 years
Hi Roseanne!!! I loved these tips! I've heard a lot about using a cosmetic sponge but never tried it. Thanks for sharing! I also wanted to let you know that I am beginning my own blog hop this tuesday and would love if you added your link!!! xx, Tammy
roseannetangrs roseannetangrs 6 years
@eliza: yep! my favourite, hope you like using it! @Jennifer Huang: no problemo! that's true, fingers are magic with liquid makeup :) @Anonymous: Sponges are best if you need the coverage but to set your foundation, just use a fluffy powder brush :) @Jaci Walker: Oh nice :)
elizaheartsmakeup elizaheartsmakeup 6 years
HEHE I see the smashbox brush you got me there! :p
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