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The Differin Diaries: Month Two

Welcome back to my "diary" of my experience being on Differin. The first installment explains what Differin is—essentially, a topical retinoid used to clear up acne. It's available only by prescription, so if you're interested in it, see a dermatologist. And as always, this is just my experience; everyone's skin is different, and only a doctor can work with you to see which treatment is best.

Now that I've been on Differin (and Klaron, an antibacterial lotion) for a little over two months, I'm definitely seeing an improvement in my complexion. At first, there was some peeling, but it wasn't painful or red. That's stopped, and now my forehead and nose are almost completely clear. Although I still have a tiny bit of congestion around the hairline, it's minimal, and I haven't had a horrifyingly large pimple there in at least a month.

To find out where Differin isn't doing wonders,

The only problem spot that remains is my chinny-chin-chin. It's not that Differin doesn't have an effect; it does. The blemishes sprout faster than they did pre-Differin; I'll feel one coming on in the morning, and by the time I go home after work, there it is in its pustulent glory. So I guess that's a good thing, since the zits rise and fall quickly. Additionally, when I do have a clogged pore, it clears up with just the lightest touch of pressure.

Still, it's frustrating that while the rest of my face is mostly clear and healthy-looking, the chin is like a little oil field. Part of the problem is due to hormones, I'm sure. And I could probably be more consistent with my exfoliation schedule. I'm going to remember to exfoliate the chin every other day, and maybe this will improve things. Plus, I've been using my Zeno Pro in hopes that it will help kill some of the acne bacteria. I'll give it some more time and let you know how it goes.

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