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The New York Times just had a trend piece on the return of bangs. (But didn't that happen last year?) The story talks about how getting bangs—or fringe, as our English friends say—is a big step. I was happy to see a mention of singer Cat Power, whose Birkin-esque bangs have become her signature look.

The odd thing about the story, though, is this somewhat puzzling quotation:

“It’s the grass-is-always-greener haircut,” said Jessica Vitkus of Manhattan, a producer at Public Radio International, who opts for a shaggy Loretta Swit-type fringe. “The shorter bangs are too cutesy,” she said. “I don’t think you can name one woman who has those blunt bangs who is taken seriously in a professional setting.”

I'm surprised by this opinion, as I've worked with completely competent women who have bangs, and their hairstyle never made me think, "Oh, that Cecilia is a joker, showing off those blunt bangs." I mean, it's not like bangs look like a Bozo the Clown wig. What do you think?


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suzewah suzewah 9 years
I've always loved bangs and just never thought my fine, pin-straight hair could pull it off. Well, I don't have a choice anymore about bangs. My dermatologist just removed a pre-cancerous mole from my bang-free forehead yesterday, and said, "It's time to cut some bangs, my dear." She says that bangs, along with sunscreen and regular skin cancer screenings of course) will help protect the sensitive area. Another reason for bangs!
joielin joielin 9 years
It may be because they're misapprehending the myth that bangs make you look younger, which isn't always true.
CariStar CariStar 9 years
I think this is just so silly..bangs are sophisticated ...paired with the right style and matter what hairstyle u may have..if u act silly and unprofessional..ppl wont take u seriously..period.
princess_eab princess_eab 9 years
People, Cat Power will not be interviewing with you. She already has a music career. But thanks for letting us know how unprofessional she looks. I bet she cares.
Galmourous Galmourous 9 years
Are you people and this article for real? Could you not find anything else in the world that is even remotely important to write about??????????????!
OC_ivory OC_ivory 9 years
I agree with Jeda21. I didn't see this quote as an attack on all people with blunt bangs. I felt that Ms. Vitkus personally does not believe that women with the shorter versions of blunt-cut bangs appear professional. I don't necessarily agree, but to each their own.
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 10 years
I don't really think that bangs have anything to do with how you are judged. Your attitude does it all. There are people who don't have bangs who act young and are treated that way.
janetta13 janetta13 10 years
Definitly a crazy theory. I just cut my bangs this week and i love them. I have had bangs on and off for years and have never noticed any difference in how im viewed in my professional capacity.
saruuh saruuh 10 years
gosh- that article really hit home. i've gone back and forth with bangs forever, many times seeking some sort of emotional/physical re-birth. (i've done the same thing with hair dye) i think i've finally sworn off them (bangs and dye), but i'm still tempted every now and then. i will admit, one of the reasons i swore off them is because i think they make me look younger. and growing them out is hell!
Julie2812 Julie2812 10 years
That is such a stupid statement. I have bangs and I'm taken seriously..
zc zc 10 years
crap! i'm loving bangs at the mmoment and cutesy dumb has never entered my head when seeing people with bangs
ishop2much ishop2much 10 years
That is absolutely ridiculous! Look at men, most are bald or don't know how to comb their hair, does that mean they aren't taken seriously? It depends on the person. If you command respect, you will get respect!!!
IlovemyGeek IlovemyGeek 10 years
I had blunt bangs for a while and was never not taken seriously. The only reason I'm growing them out is b/c its too hard to keep them straight in the Florida humidity.
misslilyfication misslilyfication 10 years
oh so "bangs" just mean fringes, yay i know what they are now! (i'm an aussie lol)
pattyxxcore pattyxxcore 10 years
chan has the weirdest stage presence. her music is so beautiful and relaxing, we were all sitting on the floor of the venue dozing off. i had long side swept bangs ala Nicole Richie, when i thought of the great idea to cut them longish short ala Chan. all everyone said to me was "oh you look so young now." i'm only 19 as is, ha.
larissam larissam 10 years
I've always thought the opposite. I have longish (just past my shoulders) hair and without bangs I feel like I look like I'm trying to be sexy. With bangs I feel like I look more sophisticated and polished. Oh well.
lms lms 10 years
I have never thought of it in such a way. I do believe that bangs look the best on little girls though.
Marci Marci 10 years
Anna Wintour immediately came to my mind, too! :D I've never looked at a single person and judged their professional abilities by their hairstyle.
fashionstar fashionstar 10 years
I was thinking the opposite of this statement. I think bangs make you look like a fierce biyotch! Especially if they're blunt cut. I got mines cut about a month ago and I basically have Anna Wintour's cut but mine's is just a lil bit longer. I have to say that if people didn't take me seriously I didn't give a crap because they made me feel hot, sexy, and in control, and the way you feel is the way other people will treat you.... So basically this article was so wrong.
sweetheart_450 sweetheart_450 10 years
I've never found bangs to be a problem.
redegg redegg 10 years
Tnkrbelli Tnkrbelli 10 years
Aren't we over this pretension?? Bangs do not determine what your character is comprised of~!! This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of as well!
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