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Do Blue Eye Drops Really Work?

Will These Drops Really Make My Eyes More Blue?

The other day I came across something I'd never seen before: eye drops that promise to make your eye color more vivid — in my case, to make my blue eyes noticeably more blue. They also claim to make your eyes brighter and "give an irresistible sparkle." All the websites selling the drops said they were a "French secret" used by models, actors, and various other cool people.

Intrigued, I decided to give the most affordable brand, Innoxa ($14), a try. They arrived this morning, so I popped them in. I took pictures of my eyes before and after the drops, so if you want to see if they really work, just keep reading.

When I put the drops in, I noticed that they're blue (the drops actually kind of dyed the skin under one of my eyes), which would explain the whitening claim; most people's eyes have yellow or red in their whites, so blue would counteract that to make your eyes look whiter and brighter. The drops also made my eyes extremely watery. That might explain the sparkle, and it definitely explains the stuffy nose I got after using them.

I can't really see much of a difference in vividness, at least no more than after you've been crying or used regular eye drops, but maybe there is one. Check it out for yourself:

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Beauty Beauty 7 years
Thank you, Asche—concealer has always been a good friend to me ;) I also have a really weak prescription tretinoin—it's Retin-A, but it's only .01%, so it keeps my skin pretty clear without drying it out. Also, sunscreen—I used to skip out on it, but once I'd been using a natural titanium dioxide and zinc block for a few months, my skin tone really evened out.
Asche Asche 7 years
Bella, you have amazing skin. What is your secret?!
Beauty Beauty 7 years
Runningesq—you are too sweet!
runningesq runningesq 7 years
Bella -- you look like Claire Danes (I'm sure you hear that all the time!) you are adorable !
Beauty Beauty 7 years
Dolce, they only stayed "sparkly" for a half hour or so, when my eyes dried out and went back to normal. The drops are supposed to make all eye colors brighter, but are rumored to work best on blue eyes, which is why I (blondie/natural Bella) tried them instead of one of the other Bellas. As for being available in the States, I'm in San Francisco, and I bought them on Amazon (you can get them if you follow the link) so that's a definite yes :)
LaDolceVita LaDolceVita 7 years
How long do your eyes stay 'sparkly'? Is this only for blue eyes? Do they sell this in the states?
theseether theseether 7 years
I can't believe you put these in your eyes.
qtpie qtpie 7 years
I think nearly all eyedrops can have the same effect, I've used my allergy drops, Patanol, daily for years and they make the whites of my eyes much brighter and clearer.
joey8888 joey8888 7 years
Why would you put something in your eye? They are the most important part of the body in you need vision. I stopped using the fine print...take care...
SnufaLuffaGus143 SnufaLuffaGus143 7 years
I use Methylene blue in my microbiology lab and get it all over my hands all the time. If it was dangerous, it would kill the microbes, thus not being used for a dye. It's safe IMO.
Beauty Beauty 7 years
Anon, the brand I bought has pretty natural, safe ingredients, although I still didn't find it very effective. Here's the list: Water, Witch Hazel, Sambucus (elderberry), and Methylene Blue, a dye that's been around forever and is sometimes used as a placebo in clinical studies. I'm guessing that since the witch hazel's an astringent, it made my eyes water and "sparkle", while the blue dye made them look whiter. Elderberry has been used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory as well, so it might be in there to help get rid of eye redness. If you do try them, let us know whether they worked for you!
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