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Do Brunettes Make Better Wives and Do Blondes Have More Fun?

Do Brunettes Make Better Wives?

How about blondes — do they make better girlfriends? Well, yes and yes. At least that's what the results of a new survey say. According to British hairstylist Andrew Collinge, whose company polled 3,000 men, "When it comes to marriage, men seem to opt for brunettes as they see them as more dependable and down-to-earth."

We've all heard the expression that blondes have more fun, and in this case, that means more dates, but does it also mean a walk down the aisle? Survey says. . . no. In fact, more than half of the blokes said that brunettes were marriage material due their dependable and sensible natures.

Let's get real, though: This type of thinking is antiquated. We all know it's really what's on the inside that matters (at least that's what mama always said). And as Collinge so wisely advises, "At the end of the day, men marry a person, not just a head of hair." I've got to agree with that — so what's with these surveys in the first place? For another viewpoint, check out BellaSugarUK's take.

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