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For years I've been reading about Mason Pearson hair brushes in magazines, and inevitably they're lauded as life-changing miracle brushes. I haven't tried one yet, but I was given a Frederic Fekkai travel brush ($55) that's similarly luxurious.

The faux-tortoise brush is beautiful, easy to hold and replete with old-timey allure. It's pretty enough to leave out when guests are over, and it just feels more glamorous to brush my hair with this than with a drugstore brush. Except...
(To find out why I'm not loving it,


As beautiful as the Fekkai brush is, I don't really love what it does to my hair. Because the boar bristles are natural, they give a relaxing scalp massage each time I run the brush through my hair. Unfortunately, this also spreads oil into my hair, which makes me feel a little greasy and flat-haired. Worse still, the brush is high-maintenance; it just never feels clean, and no matter how much I try to remove the schmutz that builds up, it never looks new. What am I doing wrong?!

My foray into pricey brushes has me wondering whether the expense is worth it, so I'm curious about your experiences. Have you used a high-end brush, and if so, what do you think?

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