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Ask Bella: Do I Really Need an Eye Cream?

Have you ever wondered if an eye cream is really necessary? A reader posed just that question, asking:

I recently went to Sephora to replenish some of my basics — moisturizer, eyeliner, concealer, etc. A saleswoman asked if I had any questions and I did; I can never seem to make my concealer stay put! She said I needed to start using an eye cream and that it would make my concealer stay. I know there are many benefits for using eye cream, but is this one of them? Or was she just trying to make a sale?

It's always tough to know whether a salesperson is being sincere about what beauty products are actually worth the purchase, or whether he or she is trying to make their sales goals, but when it comes to eye creams, I've got some opinions. Find out my answer when you read more.

In short, whether or not you wear eye cream is a personal choice. I find that my concealer just doesn't look as smooth or wear quite as long if I don't use an eye cream. (Actually, I prefer a gel.) I even use my eye cream to refresh my concealer by early afternoon, and I love the rejuvenating results it provides. Do I see a difference in the reduction of dark circles and fine lines with my favorite eye cream? While my eyes are slightly smoother and lighter in appearance when I wear it, I don't notice a life-altering change.

However, since skin surrounding the eyes is typically one of the first places to show wrinkles and dark circles, adding hydration to the area through use of an emollient eye cream can never hurt, particularly for those who experience crepiness with their makeup. If you're looking to test the waters, there are some great affordable creams available. However, if you decide to go without a cream, to keep your concealer from slipping, I recommend following Bobbi Brown's advice, which is to set your concealer with a yellow-based loose powder to prevent it from heading south.

Can You Actually Use Your Moisturizer as Eye Cream?
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