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Do Looks Lead to Special Treatment?

Over the weekend, I toddled a few blocks to my favorite bakery to grab breakfast for me and the roomie. This bakery almost always packed with foodies clamoring to get their hands on a warm pain au chocolat or fancypants tart. You wait and wait in line, then finally you get your food and enter taste-bud heaven. A disarmingly good-looking woman was in line in front of me. She was unusually beautiful, especially when she smiled. Pretty lady, I thought, and began plotting my croissant fest.

When we got to the front of the line, the counter staff was visibly charmed by her appearance. And then, pow, she got an extra pastry for free. When I followed after her, I had to pay for all of my pastries, and a tiny part of me was miffed. (I, too, would enjoy a free croissant.) Then again, I'm sure there have been times when I've given special treatment to someone I found attractive, and I've probably enjoyed perks from someone who thought I was cute — so I'm just as guilty.

Have you ever been given special treatment because of your appearance, or have you doled out privileges to someone you found attractive? If so, did you feel uneasy about it?


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