There's a story in The New York Times about young men who're styling their hair in wild, wacky ways. The piece suggests that "Generation Y" guys, like Adam Lambert of American Idol fame, are more inclined to experiment with their hair and see it less as a mark of cultural affiliation (like "I'm a hippie" or "I'm a punk") than as a style statement. It also features several pictures of college guys and men in their mid-20s with funky hair. Looking at the photos, though, all I could think was that these guys are part of an established subculture: they're hipsters, and their "thing" is playing with kitsch from the past 40 years, so the hair makes perfect sense. Overall, few of the men I see actually seem to be trying any styles that might be called "extreme." But am I hanging out in the wrong places? Do you think more guys, on average, experiment with their hair nowadays?