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Why is this Frenchman on BellaSugar? Well, because he's Jean-Paul Agon, the CEO of L'Oréal worldwide, and I was intrigued by something he said in this interview. The business reporter suggests that "there must be a challenge in producing and selling cosmetic products, which absolutely nobody needs."

That statement struck me because on the one hand, it's true. You don't really need lipstick or hair dye to survive, and there are plenty of bogus beauty products whose purpose is only to make money. But on the other hand, I'd argue that while women can and do survive without cosmetics, we can gain a lot of self-esteem through wearing them. When you're happy with your appearance, you feel better overall; I know that when I feel attractive, I present myself more confidently. So while you can survive without cosmetics, I think they add a lot to your overall quality of life.

Want to see how Jean-Paul Agon responded, which may be the most polite way that anybody has ever said, "Oh, SNAP!" ever? Just

I love how classy and firm he was in responding to the reporter. Even though he's a man, he clearly knows something about feminine psychology—and history, too:

I strongly but respectfully disagree. I'm sure that is just a nice provocation on your part. Beauty products and cosmetics have been used since the Egyptians and the Greeks or before. Beauty has always been part of civilization. Beauty products make people happier. When people look good, they feel better. Their relationship with others is better.

What do you think? Are beauty products essential to you? How would you have responded to this reporter? Source

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