Got that makeup bag handy? If so, take a peek inside and tally up the total price of all your beauty goodies. Are you surprised by the amount? (I was.) Even for low-maintenance beauties, it seems to be common to carry at least something in the ol' purse.

According to a survey of more than 1,000 women in the UK, not only are people still spending big bucks on beauty, but women spend differently depending on their age. While women 25 to 34 carried about $116 of makeup, those in the over-55 category carried less than $57 worth.

I'm betting a single pricey compact and a lipstick equal more than a bag full of the junk I toted around when I was a teen (and I've totally been weaning my purse supply from college to now). How has your makeup bag changed over the years, and do the products' prices still add up?