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Do You Dry Your Face With a Towel?

About a year ago I met an elderly woman who had the most gorgeous skin. I asked her what her beauty secret was and she told me that she air-dries her face.

She said that after washing, she wipes her product-covered hands on a towel, and therefore she would never dream of letting it touch her face. She believes that letting her face dry naturally and then patting on moisturizer and eye cream while her skin is still damp has given her this lovely complexion.

What she said makes sense, and from time to time—when I am feeling really patient—I'll let my face air-dry too. What are your thoughts on this? Do you ever dry your face with a towel?


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sldc sldc 9 years
Air dry.
Anabellatc Anabellatc 9 years
I dry (pat dry) my face with tissue paper, or if i have enough time, i do let it air's a trick my mom taught me. I don't really know if it makes a difference or not, but it helps me feel better knowing that i'm not drying my face with a towel possibly full of bacteria!
phree2b phree2b 9 years
I will try this for a week and apply the lotion while damp.
MariaIsTipsy MariaIsTipsy 9 years
I use a seperate towel for my face. ♥
msdyanelk msdyanelk 9 years
I only "pat" my face dry with a separate towel.
Esix Esix 9 years
What a crock of ... If anything, airdrying is "worse" than using a towel. The calcium and other minerals in the water leaves a film on your skin when the water evaporates. Just like why you need to dry off glasses after you do the dishes. I use the towel I wipe my butt with to dry my face.
kerish kerish 9 years
I love applying producst to my face while it is still wet....foundations just glide on and gives a nice fresh look.I always apply my night cream while my face is slightly damp and in the morning its baby soft
Candyhunnie Candyhunnie 9 years
I never have time in the morning, but i'll give it a go on in the evening! (:
lotuslight lotuslight 9 years
I have a separate face towel...I hate the feeling of having water dripping down my neck, only my clothes, etc. I don't have any problems using a towel (I have good skin, and I wash my towels weekly...and use a fresh washcloth to wash my face with every night). But, hey, to each their own, eh?
popularsugar popularsugar 9 years
wow the woman had the patience all of these years to air dry her face.
keiraz keiraz 9 years
yeah usually hung on the side of lavabo
Martini-Rossi Martini-Rossi 9 years
I always let my face air dry. or pat it with tissue paper.
sassy3lady sassy3lady 9 years
I don't think i have the patience to let my face air-dry. I would probably forget to come back & put on my moisturizer/SPF because I would have moved on to other things.
faerymagick15 faerymagick15 9 years
I have always air dryed my face. I am 38, get carded all the time, and get compliments on my skin all the time. People think my daughter is my sister. It DOES make a difference!! Taking care of your skin is so important. And, I hope I will NEVER look like I need a face lift.
shellb shellb 9 years
This really does make sense! My products would probably absorb a lot better if I applied them to a damp face. Will try not to use the towel as much!
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
I don't see how air drying is the solution tho.
danig danig 9 years
oh and I too put on my moisturizer while I'm still damp. face & body.
danig danig 9 years
I purchased a 25 pak of nice white wash cloths at Costco for my face only. White because you can really see the dirt on them and no chance of use one that's not fresh & I can wash them in the hottest setting on my machine (90°C) I use one each time I wash my face and then toss it for laundering. this seems to be working for me.
AshRalph AshRalph 10 years
I have a seperate towel for my face but I alternate it with this micro-fibre cloth which apparently unclog pores...Drying with towel means patting not rubbing
carrieplh carrieplh 10 years
I use tissues. The towel can have germs and tissues were recommended by my dermo.
psangel psangel 10 years
I pat my face dry with a towel. But I will dry the air drying and applying moisturizer when damp.
tidesong tidesong 10 years
I don't have a set thing, sometimes I dry it with any towel, sometimes it practically air dries because I just throw toner and moisturizer over it and its pretty dry after i'm done with all the massaging.
mizz_jennii mizz_jennii 10 years
I use a seperate towel for my face.
skinnycouturee skinnycouturee 10 years
im so used to using towels tho...
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