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Do You Dye Your Eyebrows to Match Your Hair?

I remember my mom getting her hair done back in the day by my aunt, the entire family's resident cosmetologist. Toward the end of the hair-dye processing time, my aunt would always sweep a little of the color on my mom's brows to enhance their tone.

What do you think about dying, or should I say coloring eyebrows? Is it an essential step in creating a cohesive look, or do you prefer to leave your brows natural?


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Jaime-Richards Jaime-Richards 6 years
"GB" is a cute nickname, Anonymous. Very sweet!
saysstarship saysstarship 8 years
Since your eyebrows are normally naturally darker than your hair colour, it's best to leave them alone if you're lightening your hair, but dye them if you're darkening it.
Ms-Demeanor Ms-Demeanor 8 years
That's what god made brow pencils for! I dyed my hair red once, and my hair lady slapped some of that crap on my brows. I looked like a pumpkin!
QT4U81 QT4U81 8 years
I have very light eyebrows, and I like to dye my hair darker sometimes, so for me dying my eyebrows is appropriate and needed. For anyone that want's a safe and very gentle dye for your eyebrows I suggest betty beauty's bikini hair dye. It is meant for the hair down there, but some one told me it's great for eyebrows because of its sensitive and all natural formula check it out here..
genesisrocks genesisrocks 8 years
As long as the eyebrows are darker than your hair its fine. I hate blondes who dye their hair dark but have light eyebrows. Its okay if your eyebrows are brown and your hair is light though
redscorpio redscorpio 8 years
My natural colour (hair & eyebrows) is light ash brown. When I started dying my hair red (Julianne Moore like) I did not dye my eyebrows and the contrast was not flattering at all - not because the brows were darker but because the two colours were so different. Then I started dying them a medium warm honey brown and the overall look is very natural and much more prettier. I suppose it's easier to match blonde and brown (they are more or less in the same "colour palette") but red and ash brown don't match.
Lyv Lyv 8 years
Well my eyebrows are dark brown and my hair is black. But I actually think dark brows with blonde or red hair looks pretty cool.
Symphonee Symphonee 8 years
I fear putting dye that close to my eyes. Besides, I always stay kinda close to my hair color if I dye it
Stardustlove Stardustlove 8 years
No, I'll never do that!
Retro-Bunny Retro-Bunny 8 years
My mom wants me to dye my eyebrows lighter, because she likes the look of light hair&light eyebrows, but personally, I like my dark eyebrows. They're nearly black, and my hair is a light ash blonde, so it's a big difference. It's all natural though, so it's funny when people automatically go and assume I'm not a natural blonde & point out my eyebrows.
miss-malone miss-malone 8 years
No I don't, I've never had the need to. My hair matches the colour of my eyebrows (similar to Gisele or Jennifer Aniston's hair colour), and I have really nice dark eyelashes.
Autumns_Elegy Autumns_Elegy 8 years
I have before, but my eyebrows are darker then my hair. I probably wouldn't again, just in case I slip and get some in my eye.
dd-sugar dd-sugar 8 years
Actually the other way around. I started getting white eyebrow hairs in my late 30s and now in my late 40s, they really need some help. I use brow powder and lighten my dark blond hair a bit. I don't look good with dark brows anyway and perfect, penciled-in brows just look so weird.
Gwen-G Gwen-G 8 years
Never actually
malena1 malena1 8 years
I have thick, black eyebrows and eyelashes and naturally dark blond hair. I've been told to lighten my brows and I vacillate between my natural hair color and dark brown hair (to match my brows). I like the contrast between my natural hair and brows, and I would never consider dyeing them because I love the way they frame my light eyes, not matter what color my hair is :)
Miss-Senorita Miss-Senorita 8 years
Mine match seeing as I have never died my hair before.
norabora norabora 8 years
i don't dye my brows, but i do use the anastasia brow powder duo. i'm naturally a brunette, but dye my hair red, and the strawburn duo is the PERFECT shade. no one knows i'm not a natural redhead!
chaumeout chaumeout 8 years
I went through a phase where I actually wanted my eyebrows to be sparser and lighter (I have black hair). Mika Nakashima works the hell out of that look.
doogirl doogirl 8 years
I have medium brown hair and dark brown eyebrows. When I was a redhead, I did the eyebrows once, but it didn't really take. When I was a blond, I dyed them a little lighter, so that it wasn't such a big difference. But it's a personal preference!
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